Flamboyant colours ~

As you can see, that large picture on top is me.  As I stare into your soul I have    nothing to pass on, but a blank look.

Okay, now you’ve got that understood, here’s the thing. This post will be like an appetizer before the entrée.  Basically I’ll be introducing myself to you!

To start off with, my name’s Ivan! Full name? Ivan Matthew A. M*****t. I’m from the Philippines, I’ve done my time in Bahrain  as  a High School student, it was dull and boring – with a mixture of extremely hot weather, the sun, just piercing through your skin with it’s rays of sunlight.

 I’m five feet ten inches at the moment and I’m still growing. I just wish I don’t end up like a tall giant. As of now, I’m sixteen years old and in just a few months I’ll be turning seventeen, I feel kind of old. Though I do feel that way, I’m just a speck to the veterans of life.

As I said, I’m from the Philippines, and so that makes me a Filipino. Well if you think I don’t look fully Filipino, then you’re right! I am not a pure Filipino, but just a mutation (I was jesting) , a combination of only 1/8 , not 1/4 but 1/8 Canadian blood along with Filipino blaad.

So if you read my “About Me” I’ve mentioned that I was a new born writer. Well, yes I am a new born writer, I’ve become engrossed with the action of typing and transferring what exists in your mind to text. It has become to me, an Art.

Besides my new found hobby of writing, I also would like to become an architect, a professional architect. I’d be designing houses, and seeing my work of art in a life size scale! I would love for that to happen!

Well, besides all of these, I like Music. Not those kind where artists sing about butts and things, I like real Music. The ones that entice you to find more of the similar art. The ones that make you feel good, the ones that help you rise from the bottom, the ones that make you realize that LIFE is beautiful, more than you would ever think. I Love Music.

Okay here’s that last thing, I Love books. I love things that stimulate my imagination, and books are just the item for it. When I read, I feel that my mind separates from my body, and enters into a new world of the unknown, venturing into abysses and places of adventure. Books to me, are like portals to different versions of life, portals that lead to the minds of different people, a portal to a greater understanding of Life itself.  Specifically, I read Science Fiction, Fantasy books, those that concentrate on adventure, dragons, unknown beings, Wizards, and things that don’t exist in the normal world, and cute dwarves.

Though there is more to me than meets they eye, paragraphs of descriptions of me wouldn’t be substantial for a reader or for anyone else. I prefer that you follow me, and witness the things that are in store in my mind. Ivan’s mind.


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