Nervous Breakdown

It was very dark last night, the lamp post outside slowly dimmed by the second, maybe designed to do so to save electricity or the whole thing was just messed up. I was sitting in front of  my laptop, lights turned off, thinking, “What the hell should I blog about tomorrow?” I came to a blank conclusion so I thought I’d turn this night over, and went over to my bed and lay, and fell into a deep, deep sleep.

Okay that first paragraph, has nothing to do to anything following it. It was like an “irrelevant” intro, which is very obvious since where is the nervous breakdown there?

First of all, I’ve never broken down due to nervousness, and not even until now. I thought the caption would just grab your attention! But anyways read on!

So today is my last day in Cebu, in this room, with this laptop I’m creating this Blog with. I’ve packed up my things already and I’m ready to go! I’ve got two bags, a blue backpack bigger than my torso which I will check-in, and another backpack which I’ll be carrying with me at all times. It’s color green anyway so, I’m never checking that in, I like green.

I’m pretty much OK. I could have been OOK. But that would be a lie. Though I haven’t broken down , I do feel nervous. A reason for it, is that I’m travelling by myself in a plane. I’m sure a newbie like me would feel the same, it would most probably be inevitable.

Though I know what to do, like, where to check-in, when to check-in, what to check-in, a few unnecessary scenarios have popped up in my mind just by “rehearsing” these steps.

I first asked “Okay, what if I check-in on the wrong counter?” and from that question led to a fear that wasn’t even suppose to exist. Checking in on the wrong counter could give you wrong information at the end, since they do give the boarding pass, and checking in on the wrong counter would also mean that your stuff go to the wrong place, but then I thought this event wouldn’t happen since counter people aren’t dumb (which I hope) and so they know whether the ticket is for the counter their handling.

Another one was missing the flight. This one most probably will happen to those who are ultimately clumsy! And I’m not clumsy, but the thought of it is piercing, because doing so would waste the ticket, if I were to demand a new flight, I wouldn’t have a valid reason to support my “mistake” and end up just going back to where I was, not to mention the lowered expectation people around who helped me acquire this super cheap ticket!

One last thing, it’s boarding the wrong plane. Goodness, this one is the most dreadful of all. Let’s say I booked a plane to the U.s.a, but I boarded the wrong plane, and ended up in China. Big difference! And the fact that I’m only sixteen, and I don’t even have load on my phone, is just dreadful! It would be scary to land into an unknown place and have nothing to bring you back home, not even load. But of course, as long as my boarding pass carries correct information, I’d be well… but what if it carried the wrong pieces?

I woke up, the room was engulfed with flamboyant colors from the sun’s rays, the heat was intense, I stood up sweating and brushing it off my face. I walked over to the toilet to examine my face. What I saw was different, I was blue, long ears and had marks on my cheeks and my hair was burning red! (it was molded into a mohawk) , I was shocked by the sight of my new face and squealed (eeek) and I fell into an abyss

Not long after a distant dream, I woke up. The night was still on it’s way back home, darkness surrounded the atmosphere, I checked what time it was. Only five minutes of precious sleeping time was consumed. Goodness.


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