Regrets of the past

Look at it. Read it. Take in its awesomeness and meaning. Yes, past regrets. This topic was suggested by my friend, Ralph, who’s been an avid reader of my work so far! So thanks Ralph!

His proposal was to write all things I’ve regretted doing until now. It was simple at first thought, but when you really think of it, it’s a pretty hard accomplishment! But anyways I shall do this! (with complete honesty)

Note* I won’t be providing each action that I’ve regretted just a few major ones

I have to be honest, I have nothing. I can’t think of a thing that I regret doing. I mean, I regretted a lot, but I always thanked myself for doing the “action”, it’s because from it I learned. I learnt something. And so it’s quite hard to discern an actual regret! I guess I’ll just be typing down those.

Here’s one that really found it’s place on the top. I regret spoiling myself with jelly beans, and candy. From birth until not a few months ago, I’ve found refuge and happiness in consuming huge volumes of jelly beans, chocolate (Mars and Kitkat) , ice cream, basically everything sweet. Though it provided a temporal happiness, I ended up with tarred teeth. (Talking about cavities, my two wisdom teeth have already been filled with it, and filled with those white stuff.) And as a result my molars are jacked up. I really regret doing what I’ve done as young naive kid. Goodness.

As you all know, we all hit puberty, and many end up beautiful or semi-beautiful. It is that period where your hormones go crazy, they confuse you, they whisper into your ear “Find love! friend” “Oh clean skin? nice ‘playground‘ ” “Oh you’re sad? eat some more” those dreadful lines just messing with your sanity. Well when I hit puberty, the main thing that struck me first were pimples. Those dirty sacks of oil just gathering at one place, bulging out like no one cares. As a noob living on this stage, I fumbled with it’s existence. I’d pluck it and pluck it. And feel better at the end, ignorant about the consequences of doing such thing. Little did I know that plucking it would leave blemishes of death! Darkness and the such.  And right now, when you see my face. You’ll see black spots just there, innocent, slaves of my mistake. I regretted it.

This last one, it’s the most hated of mine, I wish I could go back in time and just punch my old self. I was in High School, and from start to finish I relied on Luck. I’d stay up late on a school night, either playing games or just browsing Facebook, starting from top to bottom and up again. I’ve wasted so much time on things that never benefited my mind, my personality, and other important aspects of my life. I’d study last minute for any kind of test or exam, I could either start two days before or one. Sometimes I’d never do my homework and leave at it until  I reach school and do it there. Not even at least ten minutes did I dedicate myself to my studies each day, I’d rather be concerned with my own interests, which at that time were games and games and more games. It was sad, how naive I was, how ignorant I was about the future. I regretted being who I was, at that time. And whenever I think of it, it’s that kind of feel, when you win the Lottery, but you were heedless of the ticket and just leaves your hand hovering away into the distance and you say to yourself  “How the hell could I be so careless??” and with that leaving you helpless.

Though these are the only few of the many that I’ve done and end up regretting, I’ve learnt lessons from these experiences. Even how stupid it was or daring, at the end I learnt a lesson. It would be very foolish of me to not even notice wisdom, but right now needless to say, I’ve become a better person from all of these, and I deem myself lucky.

What about you guys? What thing do you regret doing? Comment below!



  1. Love this post!There are quite a few things i regret,Ive actually just started blogging about my lack of actions – which is how i stumbled across yours 🙂 –
    but like you said, those actions or lack of actions as the case may be make us who we are. you live, you learn, you move on but you have to admit sometimes you NEED to address those regrets in order to do so


    1. Haha thank you! I’ve just started too so were basically both on the same track 😀 But I totally agree with you, how are we suppose to become better people if we don’t experience mistakes and reap the lessons, but it would be a fool to not move on and even learn from it


  2. Life isn’t prfect, either way, you’re bound to make mistakes. It’s ok to have some regrets, but be sure to get past those andd move on. Never dwell on the “I wish I had” kind of stuff. Just keep on stepping up, learn from each mistake, and be really grow up. I think, you’ve done a great deal with your life lately, which is a good thing. Way to go, son. You really make your mama proud.


    1. I hope you don’t mind the typographical errors here. Just focus on the thought. Yeah, just keep on sharing your thoughts, they’re amazing!!!


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