A Departure Story

Well right now, I’m in Manila, facing the screen of my laptop in my cousin’s condominium.  Just a day ago I was in Cebu and pretty bummed by the whole “travelling alone” thing. But it really went well, it was thrilling!

As you can see, I took this picture inside the car. Duh. During the time inside it, all I did was rehearse everything, all the “steps” that I have to go through, and any solutions to the probable troubleshooting I’d be doing when I actually get there.

That picture above is a picture. It’s a picture of the airport I went to, it’s Mactan – Cebu International Airport. It’s a cozy airport, not really intimidating like those other airports. You just feel comfortable. When my cousin (the one driving the car) and I arrived, he helped put down the only back pack I had. Before the trip I had no idea what the weight of my baggage was, so before leaving to pick me up, he brought an electronic scale with him, we used it on both and only my hand carried backpack passed the limit. Yikes.

After checking the optimum weight, my cousin left me as I was, alone, lonely and nervous, and gave me a “good luck” kind of look and sped away on his truck. I went inside, trying to be as professional (as legit) as possible, meaning I’d be acting like I traveled all the time, which I didn’t. My cover blew up when I went inside and the first thing I did was ask the guard “Where do I go?” ugh that was such a stupid move, but alas I prefer to remain a fool once, rather then a fool forever without asking.

 So after that fail occurrence I went my way pass “Gate 3” where two women guards examined tickets of passengers before letting them check in, I handed over mine, they handed it back and showed me where to go, I passed by an x-ray scanner before proceeding, took of my phone and bag too and put it on the conveyor belt, while I passed by those “doors” that was watched by another guard, touching your sides suspecting you’d had a gun or anything, but sure, I’m a sixteen year old with a gun, wow.

After checking in and accepting my boarding pass, I proceeded to the Departure lobby, before entering this giant lobby I had to pay a fee of 200 pesos, which I paid. Here I waited for a rough and boring three hours, with my phone on play and ear phones plugged, time passed by quite fast with it. During the time, I bought a few donuts, and those organic juices to quench my thirst.

You see that airplane over there? That’s not the airplane I’m in, duh then who the chicken took the picture?? The three hours of waiting was done, a guy spoke through the speakers around the lobby calling all “Zest Air Manila Passengers” that the plane is ready to accept people, from hearing that I just blended into the crowd, following the path to Gate 4. And not long I was inside the airplane, found my seat and took that picture (with my phone)

Not long after I entered, all passengers were advised to fasten our seat belts and raise the window lids, and in a few the plane took a run around the course before taking off, and soon I was up along with the others, thus this picture was born.

During the flight, the stewardesses went along the walk way pushing carts forward and then back selling “goodies” and bringing to our attention they were selling stuff  “Souvenirs for sale!” “Food for sale!” “What are you buying stranger?” (They didn’t say that last line)

Not long after, I arrived to this airport, it was night then not day time, so just imagine the cars with their headlights on, lights under the building are turned on and the stars just being there with the night sky. I waited for a while before spotting the car of my Aunt, when I did, my cousin Bea went out gave me a hug and helped me with my stuff! After that, I took a seat inside, and from there on my destination was unknown.

 On this day, I learned many things. From keeping calm, faking the “look” and realizing that things like these require bravery and open mindedness, it was a thrilling and educative adventure! and just another of the numerous ones I would take on later in life.

What about you guys? What was your greatest adventure so far?


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