The Inevitable Writer’s Block

Hey guys! It’s a great overcast morning today. I’ve spent a pinch of my time last night trying to think of a subject to blog about, and a few of the minutes of this morning. Let’s say I gave up. I know that giving up isn’t really an imposed move to success, but for this case it was! After failing and quitting I’ve come to the conclusion I’d blog about my problem itself, it’s the common and contagious (I think) Writer’s block. (But if I had the Writer’s Block should I not even come up with a produce such as this? queer.)

According to a recent research by me (on google) Wikipedia gave me a brief definition of what “Writer’s Block” is : –

“Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work.”

Well for my case, I am not primarily associated with writing as a profession, though I too lose the ability to create new stuff, thus I am awesome.

Writer’s Block I believe applies to everyone who wants to write or create something out of paper and pencil (typewriter, MS Word etc.) and so this is a common thing.

The state is inevitable and will hit a person from time to time, and in this post, I’ll be showing you someways to overcome that.

First thing, accept the fact that you just don’t have any ideas. But of course not permanently but temporarily, we all our human, we all need patience to seek answers, so just accept it.

Looking for a subject requires looking at things at a deeper manner. Here’s an example, okay let’s say there’s a rock beside you, at first we may think that it is just rock (which it is) but it isn’t, it’s a source of ideas. To extract them from it, ask questions to yourself “Why is this rock hard?” “What is it composed of?” Things like that, things that provoke the mind. Once provoked, satisfy it, and search for information about it! connect the pieces and create a blog! (or anything concerned with your work)

This following action is an effective way of searching a topic and overcoming the Writer’s Block. When all has been done and tried, engulf yourself in silence, and just “chill”. Chilling can be anything that you deem relaxing, let me repeat relaxing. Like slouching on your sofa set, ear phones in your ears and just chill, or just sitting down isolated, deprived of the earthly things around, it’s you and your brain. During this moment, you shall fall in deep thought and when you do, a random subject shall pop out around some time, so try it!

This last one, may sound like a thing you wouldn’t really do, but it’s also a good way to overcome this block. All you have to do is refrain yourself from writing, or thinking of  a subject for it, do something else, watch a movie, hang out with friends or anything not concerned with writing. It’s all about finding inspiration, or sources of information that could be good candidates to be turned into short passages, blogs, stories or anything that involves writing. Our minds, may store terabytes of information, but itself cannot recall most of it in detail, so we need to overlap these unrecoverable files with new ones.

To conclude this article that contains helpful information, I would like to tell you that, having this block is normal. Even the greatest of writer’s experience such drained point of composition , and the absences of inspiration. So it will be alright!

Just like Mr. Don Roff said “Nothing’s a better cure for writer’s block than to eat ice cream right out of the carton.”

Thanks for reading guys! Have a good day/night/or whatever point of the day you’ve read this article on.

Got any tips to overcome Writer’s block? Comment below!



  1. Ideas abound, but it’s the inspiration, the drive, the motivation that sometimes prevent us from translating the ideas into written form. Just keep on writing, the best of articles are dictated by the heart…..I love you, anak. You’re getting there, don’t worry.


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