I’ve committed a crime, a crime against society, against everything that is cool and fantastic. I’ve become a rebel of what’s IN and what’s suppose to be “normal” I’ve become an addict to paperback pieces of information that leads to worlds unknown, no-man’s lands and places unfathomable by the imagination of man! I’ve become a Bookworm.

I am proud to be one, I shall wipe off the scrutinizing eyes of the judgmental, and everything that would bring me down because of who I am and what I stand for. (Basically this applies not just to me being a bookworm, but also for my other beliefs in life.)

On this blog post, I shall reveal and confess to you things too awesome to take in.

Books, what are they? To those who haven’t opened one, or never bothered to, it would just be pieces of paper bound together with glue, or stitched, protected by a harder outer cover. But really, what is it. It’s actually a portal to new worlds! to unknown thingamabobs!!!

When I read my first book, I was this mainstream kid, going on to things that were cool to get some cred from friends and be defined as cool. I looked disgustingly at it, but I’ve heard how good it was and I was curious to find out. I took a read and was surprised by what I encountered. From then on, it was this huge coaster ride, with twists and turns, thrilling drops and provoking ascends ignorant of what falls beyond.

Reading books has become a very strong habit of mine, it grows stronger just by the bit contact with it’s cover. During my times with it, I always find myself dumbfounded , bewildered by what it is. I am always astonished by the elaborate skills of the authors of the books I read and how articulate they portray their story.

Books are not just pieces of paper, they are information, sources of wisdom, knowledge, and are tomes of vocabulary. It is like food, tasting great, and in just an instant would make you smarter and greater, and not to mention improve your speaking ability. And the more you take in, the better person you become.

It is curious how a book could change a life, for it changed mine. We all want to have our lives changed for the better of our future, to become successful like the others, and for the most redundant thought, we all want the shortcuts to this accomplishment. Though I still stand as a sixteen going on seventeen blogger, I can assure you, books, whatever genre they may be, fiction, fantasy, inspiration, it is the for sure shortcut (though it may be a long one) to greatness!

I hope you don’t judge this post by my age, and lack of wisdom in such area, but think about it. I still have a long way to go, and from what I judge, I’ve become extremely better. I also hope that this post would encourage you to read the printed word (I have a button for that on the sidebar) and increase productivity and quality of life!

[ As a side note, though books have helped me to further my progress, I would also like to mention the lord who has helped me a bunch. To those who believe in God, let us strengthen our faiths through books and through people, without him we would never be better and successful, as we want to be, or currently are. ]

Comment below any book of significance to you that ever change who you are or any aspect of you!

Thanks for reading !


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