My thoughts on “The Lost Hero” by Rick Riordan

Ah yes, The Lost hero.. another work of art by Mr. Rick Riordan… goodness.

I just finished this book a while ago, I mean this morning. As I reached the end of book it was just…. AHHHHH.

Okay, I’ll keep my cool.. alright, let’s get on to business.

What is this book about first? It’s really just about demigods, taking on another prophecy that’s all, nothing aweesome… I was jesting , but they really do take on another one. The book starts off with Jason, he wakes up in this bus heading to what he thought was no where, he wakes up to a girl holding his hand, and an annoying dude messing with his confusion.

The girl would be Piper, and the source of annoyance would be from Leo. Little did these three teenagers know that they were part of the seven demigods to save the world.

These three take on thrilling adventures together, and accomplish things out of this world, or at least out of their previous mortal minds.

Now you know the gist of what the whole thing is about, I would like to bring to your attention that  the information I just gave isn’t even suffice to describe what actually happens, if I tried I’d be spoiling the book for you. That is how awesome this book is! It’s indescribable.

The story was just captivating, each word would lead to another, in the sense that you’d want to know what’s next. I know it’s actually nothing new, but this one, it just caught you, the way Rick Riordan described it, each event extracted from his mind was so vivid, iridescent, flamboyant, AWESOMEE!!!!

As you may know some readers could expect what happens next after a scene, example.

“Ivan! He turned off the stove! The food’s not cooking!!”
“Goodness! Ivan, how could you let Ivan let if off!!!??”

Okay, now think what would happen next… the food didn’t heat up, and so Ivan and Ivan were deprived of dinner, wasn’t that very predictable! But for Rick Riordan’s composition, it was just so.. ugh.. beautiful, and flowing, unique every line. Example:

“We shall cross the road tomorrow…”
“Ah yes sir, we shall…”
Ivan and Ivan crossed the road, then they get hit by a random truck that wasn’t even there at the first place… both died a painful but abrupt and instant death.

See that! Who knew that they would die crossing a lifeless road? No one!! that is how Rick Riordan expresses these demigods and their numerous encounters in the book.

Not only was the book packed with adventure, and abrupt instances that would get you surprised and caught off guard, the book was accurate with the mythological information so I was educated too!

This book is a great piece of literature, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone, it could be a child who can read, or an old man who refuses to read.

If you’ve passed by this article because you are dubious about buying such book, then I tell you, disregard these thoughts! and purchase it! Read and get caught like a fly would fall into a spider’s web! There is no escape to this book’s awesomeness, prepare to be addicted after consuming it.

Thanks for reading guys! 


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