My thoughts on “Fablehaven” by Brandon Mull

If you ever passed by this book, and ignored it for being in the “Ages 9-12” Section of whatever bookshop you were in, or because it just wasn’t “mature” looking enough. Well if so, you just ignored one of the greatest of fantasy books a person would ever have.

But if what was mentioned above did not apply to your situation then awesome! I expect you have bought it.

After it’s release, Fablehaven received astounding feedback from authors and readers alike, many even compared it’s greatness to Harry Potter!

Inheritance Cycle Author Christian Paolini even mentioned “The Fablehaven series is one of the most enjoyable fantasies I’ve read in the past few years. I only wish I could have read it when I was ten or twelve.”

And he’s a well known author, being one of the greatest too, and receiving such feedback from him justified that Fablehaven is truly great work. It’s also a New York Times Best Seller ! Along with many other awards.

From the point of finding out this book, the whole series was already complete, so I bought the Fablehaven Book set containing all five books, which not to mention was slightly obscure here in the Philippines and the set wasn’t common in Bookshops. Though this was a fact, my cousin and I went all over, searched for it, and after a long and tiring mission seeking it, we ended victorious!

The first book “Fablehaven” was to me at first sight, just another fantasy book. It was my curiosity that actually wanted to find out it’s magnificance, and if there ever was, I wanted to experience it.

I read the book, and not soon after the first few pages, I was caught in a trance, in a world revolving in awesomeness. It was like being a spectator of an awesome fantasy t.v show, with Kendra being the rule worthy sister, while Seth a contrast and opposite to what his sister was, and the rest of the characters having their own part bringing color to my imagination.

Fablehaven brings you to this animal preserve, like a zoo, but not for animals.. but instead for beings not normal in other words magical creatures, satyrs and fairies, golems and giants! The way Brandon Mull extracts his imagination to his writing is undeniably well done, everything is so vivid, you would never feel away from Fablehaven and you’d always feel farther from reality, you would basically be there as you read.

Not only does he vividly describe each happening, the plot he designed was genius, at least to me, but either way, it will always be deemed as awesome! Every small detail you can read… , from Kendra’s thoughts, and Seth’s you only live once nature. Each action would result in to something that always made sense, and that itself leads to another mystery, it comes one after another, and with that kind of construction you would always find yourself curious of what happens next, a crazy page turner!

I finished this book in just a day, the book just never left my hands, and the other way around too! The whole storyline just had me wanting for more each minute, never did I regard my fatigue and heavy eyes, because letting go of the book just wasn’t an option.

The most important trait of the book, is the lessons behind it, young readers would learn the rules of cause and effect, with the effects being consequences you would have to face. They learn bravery, and sacrifice, and the true meaning of what I would call “family first” If you’ve read the book already, you would see it in Kendra’s actions, and Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson’s watchful and concerned decisions for the two siblings, having their needs first before theirs, and most importantly the significance of respect.. also mentioning to abide by the rules.

Everything I said was honest and concrete thought, each point fallen from my mind to this book review, I wanted to really show what I felt and experienced with this book.

Now that you know what it has, and what it could offer, I recommend that you buy this book. And when you do, wrap it with a plastic sheet, because one read just isn’t enough to get your senses bored of it, and as you know, frequent reading of the same book also wears it out. I guarantee you, you’ll always want to go back for more.

This is Fablehaven, a book written by Brandon Mull. Check him out on his site ( to know more about him, and the books he has written and will be writing.

Fablehaven is a book not just for children, but for everyone, and especially those who search for enticing adventures, or those who just want their imaginations stimulated, and maybe re-light it once again.


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