The Perks of Being a Bookworm

“a special privelige or side benefit.”

 I ran out of things to do so I came up with these five perks I gained so far for being a bookworm. Here it goes.

     Though bookworms aren’t very much in number, especially boys, or at least I know of, we bookworms are given benefits at the start, a set of perks perhaps. A person would normally find amusement from games, movies or other things, but for bookworms? We find the simplest of entertainment from reading, mainly books, isn’t that why we are called bookworms…    This our first perk, owning portable entertainment. As one may notice, books are portable and so we can bring it anywhere, we could bring them to the toilet, to a friend’s house, boring parties, basically everywhere!! We carry portable entertainment.

Second perk, increased focus and patience. Reading may be just an action of processing words and scanning them with your eyes to the brain, but there is more to that. Reading requires steady focus, and the will to continue and finish what one has started. When a person reads, one must be attentive and be patient to acquire such focus in order to absorb the book as it is suppose to be. So those who read a lot, especially Bookworms, would have a greater focus and patience, when compared to a person who doesn’t read at all.

Third perk, Increased vocabulary. Okay, so you may have passed by this tip on the internet, the more you speak the better your vocabulary would become. But they never mentioned what books could do, those who read books improve themselves even more than those who just speak. So it may be a common perk for the bookworm and the non-bookworm, but ours is a whole different level and sophistication, let’s say the non-bookworm would have a nokia (in the sense that it would be relative to this perk) and the bookworm would be an iPhone 5.

Perk number four. A wider Imagination. If you’re having problems coming up with something, anything, an idea for an essay, a new story to tell your younger brother, or anything concerned with getting creative using words, well be a Bookworm! Due to our huge collections of books and the time spent reading it, our minds broaden and open up more to possibilities and many things the eye cannot see! Thus a wider imagination comes with being a Bookworm.

Fifth perk. Reading may be just like any pass time, but have you ever heard of this quote? “Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body” Very quaint quote isn’t it? Well… it is a true fact, thus we can say, Bookworms tend to be smarter. So perk number five would be… Increased intelligence. As our parents, teachers and the elderly (those older than our parents) would say, books are keys to knowledge, well I hate to break it to you but… they are keys to knowledge! Books open you up to new things, new ways, new information, the more you read the more you know! The more you know.. the smarter you get.

From my experience, these five “perks” are the only ones I’ve acquired over my time. And these are the most vital ones I’ve always wanted to acquire. It feels great to carry such things, so my advice is for you to become a reader! Force yourself! Break that ice that separates you from a greater potential! Once you get the hang of reading, new worlds shall be opened to you and when it happens, life would become a whole new experience! Become one, and acquire the perks of being a Bookworm


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