Onion’s Awesomeness

“The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable. They inspire one with awe.”

-napoleon hill

Okay I guess by posting this, I finally jump start Project Brain Cloud (know more about it here) and for the first time violating my blog a day or not blog at all rule, which like the rule’s name says I am only permitted to post one blog a day, if more ideas come to mind in one day than expected I have to keep it for myself and post it some other time, or blog just one from the options. Well this one I have to post, it was an abrupt request from a cousin of mine, and I willingly obliged to do so. Her real name shall not be revealed on this post, so I’ll be substituting it with Onion.

Just to let you know, Onion is a teenage girl. She’s fifteen and turning sixteen next year (duh)

Physique? She stand five feet one inch tall… and I stand 5 feet ten inches.. oh wait why did I mention mine. Just compare.

As she mentioned on Skype :

“[7:17:19 PM] Onion: write my awesomeness”

I will do exactly. Write her awesomeness.

To begin with, the line above is ambiguous. She could mean by awesomeness to her Macintosh Laptop, or her loud Speakers… she could also refer to herself. Confusing. I shall write all three awesomeness then.

First, her Laptop. Username would be : ****** ********* ********* and password : **** (and yes, I do know what’s beneath those asterisks )

Second, her speakers. These mechanisms are basically rectangular boxes that stand vertically up with the small surface area of the box being on the bottom supporting the whole structure. On the front would be circles in a circle, vibrating when sound plays. I’ve listened to numerous songs through these bad boys, it resulted to many awesome head bangs and lip syncing (along with my cousin)

Third, Madam Onion herself. Such a cheeky girl she is.. always diverting one’s lines into something stupid and funny. Her awesomeness cannot be fathomed by just one glance from a distance, in order to describe it, one must feel it, and I’ve felt it, her awesomeness cannot be understood, especially with the mixture of her weird faces, her lightening laughter, and sense of humor, and tasty cooking. I wish my brain dictionary were enough to describe and jot down her awesomeness, but it is feeble in nature and it cannot with stand her true awesomeness, It would take forever to decipher.

Now Onion, if you are reading this, I failed to write down your awesomeness, but for the reason that it is too great to transfer into paper, I tell you that only the subconscious and its quaint ways can decode it.


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