Project Brain Cloud

Project Brain Cloud

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity

– General George S. Patton”

Okay so here’s the deal. I’m kind of tied up right now, regarding my brain I mean. Though ingenuity has been quite frequent for me, my mind still turns black, still vanishes into a cloud of nothingness, abruptly transforming into a state of dormancy.

Well just a few seconds ago (not in your current time; time of reading this) before even creating this blog I thought of creating a new category, called Brain Cloud

The purpose of this category is to provide me a specific space where I can just blog and brainstorm everything and anything on a particular day, whether it would be how smelly a jogger dude next to me, or how cute that girl was, opposite to my standing point. The basic idea of this “space” is to easily tap into my ingenuity, basically a human’s ingenuity, I say “human” because it is a fact that each and everyone of us owns the power of creative imagination and all we need to do is to get in touch with that piece of our selves.

Just like the Tag Cloud widget here on WordPress, the Brain Cloud shares the same property of presenting random posts about random things, where on the Word Cloud widget it would be words and that’s exactly what the Brain Cloud should be. Random.

This would be just an introductory post, following after this would be posts about anything my mind wishes to extract and put onto digital text.

If you wish to gain access to your ingenuity why not create your own space! Though I’m sure this idea has existed longer than today I found the idea out, but maybe I could help and spread it out.


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