My thoughts on “Fablehaven : Rise of the Evening Star” by Brandon Mull

 So Just after reading the first book of the Fablehaven series I quickly took the sequel Rise of the Evening Star. As expected, it was awesome!!

Now that Kendra and Seth know about  Fablehaven, things start to stir up. After leaving the preserve a year ago, Kendra starts to experience and notice things that she normally wouldn’t, she thinks it was a side effect of all those kisses she received from the fairies after saving Fablehaven from eternal destruction, and locking up Bahumat and that wretched witch Muriel. Seth on the other hand still can’t believe the events that occurred at Fablehaven, and has learned from his mistakes he made during his time there very well.

But at this visit everything has changed in Fablehaven, new defenders volunteered, beguiling adventures are set before Seth and Kendra to acquire peace in Fablehaven and to suppress the Rise of the Evening Star by gaining an artifact which plays an important part on opening Zzyxx, the demon prison.

Brandon Mull constructs this sequel in a way that it can be a “stand alone” in the sense, that each event would be understandable without requiring information from the first book, but even though, he still brings former characters from it like Doren and Newel, Hugo and Mendigo along with the protagonists Kendra and Seth, with others too, while mixing in a few new characters that each have their own unique play in the story, all resulting into a greatly enthralling adventure of profoundness, along with thrilling pieces of events and shocking mind appealing discoveries!

Like the first book, I would never doubt or stop myself from recommending this book to anyone, to kids who can read, to teenagers looking for books to entice their imagination or adults who wish to become a young adult again and feed onto creative imagination. I’ll give this book a two thumbs up! and five full stars to justify my impressed feel towards this great novel.

To know more about Brandon Mull, visit his website and find out more about the Fablehaven series and other projects he has worked on and still working on.


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