My lunch

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

                 -Milton Friedman

Okay so to get things up and going, I thought of tapping into my ingenuity and make another “Brain Cloud” post. As you know everything here will be pure random and most probably something you would never care about but what the heck right?

So I had lunch today, I know that it’s not something new, I just thought of sharing it.

The long arrow hit exactly on “12” , my family and the rest usually had their lunches earlier than others, but anyhow I followed the tradition and went along with grandma to grab a bite to eat.

I walked over from my room to the kitchen, it was slightly small, I mean from my point of view. I’m a pretty tall person and from entering it looked quite “low” from my eyes but either way, it was a kitchen.

The kitchen was rectangular with the entrance on the right of the longest side and a door at the end leading to the backyard. A fairly large round table occupied almost half of the Kitchen, including the space its companion seats occupied and a shelf with a few kitchen hardware and food in it. On the table were three plates, one with rice and the other containing the main viand and the third noodles.

I took the first scoop of rice from the first plate, its depth was deeper when compared to other plates, so it held the rice well without having some of it move out. The rice prepared by Grandma wasn’t the default white rice cooked from the rice cooker, but it was a different version of it, an improved one. It used to be white rice, but grandma added some garlic into the mix and fried it on a pan wiped with oil and preheated before the process. Resulting into a slightly burnt and crispy rice with a hint of the color yellow.

With the large plastic spoon on my hand with the fried rice on it, I dropped its contents onto my plate. The plate that I took was made of glass, which seemed to be made from a mold since it had protuberances, like dents that formed an intricate design on the bottom part of the plate. It lay on the table along with the fork and spoon on either side waiting to be used.

After I filled my plate with rice, satisfied with the amount, I swapped my stare to the plate that contained noodles, it was actually instant noodles from those styrofome cups sealed with a cover containing the steps to do before eating costing just about twenty pesos (Philippines Currency)

Before lunch grandma bought two of those and we each had one, I ate mine first. Still hot and fresh, I relished each loop of noodle that I made with the fork on my right that finally ended up in my mouth. Though each strand were already hot, the seasoning gave it a spicy flavor which just worsened the heat, but the sensation weirdly made the consumable even tastier!

Finishing the last noodle of the cup, I went over to the only garbage bin we had which was located in the kitchen, on the way I gave out quick remarks about what I just ate and shared it with Grandma “It was good! slightly spicy though” during the time grandma had her own still heating up and “cooking” , but just after realizing the line I gave out, she exclaimed “Oh spicy? I don’t eat spicy, but let’s see, I’ll give it a try” not a minute she tried it, and ended with efforts thwarted and a cup still full of noodles, but from what I saw, it was just there waiting to be eaten by me. And that’s how a plate of noodles ended up on the dining table.

With my plate full of rice, I accompanied it with another plate full of noodles! I poured and scraped the noodles onto my plate covering most of the top part of the mound of rice. I know that some of you may find this mix of noodles and rice a queer preference but I’ve tried it before and ended up with a satisfied stomach.

I left the plate of noodles clean of noodles so I guess it’s not a plate of noodles anymore but nonetheless I grabbed my plate with my right hand and my utensils with the left and brought it to the sala and started to devour of what was present on my plate.

I first separated the noodles and rice between each other, with the noodles on the left and the rice on the right, due to the ratio between them being 1 is to 3, the rice covered most of the plate and the noodles not so much, so it was a pretty easy feat.

Now there were two groups on the plate, I took a section of the noodles on my plate extracting it with my fork and scooping of what has been taken with my spoon and pushed it aside, I did the same with rice and combined both together on the spoon. Now the spoon had a lump of food, all I had to do was bring into my mouth, push it in with my teeth, and pull out the spoon leaving it clear of rice or noodle, basically both. So I did that.

When the combination entered into my mouth, a bunch of senses went tingling, with my taste buds first going hot from the spicy sensation and my nose counter acting the fumes the spicyness released that entered from the back of my mouth to my nostrils which made me breathe faster than how I’d normally do, all air entering my nose and leaving through the same entrance.

The sensation grew stronger every bite, I consumed half of the plate’s contents when I paused for a while to get over the heat. The pause wasn’t really short but it was suffice to make me remember about the newly bought coke bottle inside the freezer, so I went to take it, opened the cap, grabbed a glass and poured coke into it, trying to minimize the foam that formed when it collided hard with its own liquid. When the glass was almost full and only a tad was left to turn full, I took a sip followed by another and brought it to the sala and propped it next to the plate.

I resumed my eating action combined with regular sips through the glass of coke until I left a clean plate. With that done, I put the glass onto the plate, carried it to the kitchen sink and left it there.

The meal was satisfying, more than I expected, though what was only in it were noodles and rice, the overall “experience” was fine! Lunch was great!


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