Jacking Smithereens

Just yesterday afternoon, I came to a realization that I’ve been reading too much, at least that’s what I think. I’ve read three already in the past five days saving the miscellaneous articles and superfluous information I’ve passed by on the internet. And from taking that in I decided I’d stop and “rest” for awhile, mainly just to give my days a variety of things other than the same old reading.

On my quest to search for an alternative of passing time, I thought of searching a game, any kind of game. So I went over to armorgames.com to check up on some casual games. Right on the page, I clicked on “strategy” and from there popped numerous games based on what I’ve clicked on, which is strategy. I hovered my mouse over the popular strategy games bit of the page and landed on a game called “Jacksmith“.

I didn’t know what to expect really after waiting a whole quarter of an hour for this game to load. This menu popped in and the next thing I obviously had to do was click on play, or maybe choose some of the affiliate games below it, but who would do that? I wouldn’t, it’s just another fifteen minutes wasted.

I skipped the story part, I endured for a while though, but it didn’t really entice me so I jumped over to gameplay. So from the picture above you could see a menu of weapons, I took this picture further in the game so I’ve acquired all of it already. Main concept is for you to forge a weapon from the above menu and only according to what your warriors need. On the picture you’ve got a swordspig, obviously you’d want to forge a sword, if you create a weapon other than a sword – you’d just end up with wasted ores, time and a weaponless pig.

Uhm.. that’s my current level and items, cool right?

So when forging a weapon, you’d first want have molten metal to fit into the mold, on the current picture above I pour the melted ore into it, but before that you’d have to choose an ore (copper, bronze, iron, steel, gold, crystal) , then you melt it, of course it would take some time , and after that you pour it into the mold. As a forewarning, the speed on which you pour the metal would determine the shape of the weapon, so if you were to pour molten ore into a sword mold fast then it would give a distorted sword.

After the process of melting and pouring you end with the base of the weapon, for the sword group it would be the blade. On this stage you’d have to hammer the edges, same as what a real smith would do. You will have a certain number of swings for a different kind of weapon, though some of it don’t require hammering as part of the process.

After hammering, you proceed to the final stage of creating the weapon. To finish this sword you are require to drop a guard, a hilt and a pommel, which not to mention would be your choice, your own choice of design, and element. As you can see the hilt is still on top due to the hold of my click, but when I release it, the hilt would fall on to place, however the alignment must be precise, you wouldn’t want to have a misaligned and crooked hilt on a sword would you?

After smelting, pouring, hammering and dropping the key parts of this mighty sword you shall end with the final weapon, now the last thing to do is click on that finish button and a short scene will appear with your warrior raising his awesome weapon! At that part too, you’ll be given a score, which is divided into three categories, forging, hammering and handle (the way you put the hilt, guard, pommel)

After you’ve provided each warrior with their preferred weapon you proceed to fight the monsters hindering the carriage’s movement. Those pentagons you see are actually the money used in the game, it drops from killed monsters or whenever one of your warriors makes a hit on an enemy. The loot may also come with guards, hilts or any item that could be used to improve a weapon’s stats.

When you’ve won the battle, or maybe not you still continue and progress through the story. Right now I’m at the Boneyard Dunes, nice.

Oh yah! You also gain access to a shop inside the forge itself, in it you could purchase sweet upgrades for your weapons. Here I’m on the “Arrows” window, and as you can see, the stuff are cool!

The game overall is great! It managed to take me in and consume most of my afternoon, the further you go the better! Since on the way you acquire more upgrades and features. So try the game out!

Check out the developer’s site to know even more about Jack Smith and other games they’ve created flipline.com


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