Superfluous boredom

First thing, I just learned a new word, and if you’ve read my previous post about the game called “Jack Smith” you’ll see between there, between the lines somewhere the word “Superfluous” It’s a pretty cool alternative for unnecessary, more than enough and any other word pertaining to the given phrase and the other word too.

Preventable boredom just struck my day once again. Its quantity is superfluous. And because of it, each day nonchalance becomes part of me, not entirely though, but soon enough it will. I do still want to grow the calmness but the lack of concern about anything? No I don’t want that.

The intensity of my boredom is so strong that I actually miss the curtailment of my actions when I still existed to be, accompanied by my parents. I actually want to have and abide by house rules, and from it receiving life decisions whether to disobey or abide by the whatever rule set. Such thing actually takes my time, and also thrills me. But right now, being too nonchalant, and being a delinquent is out of the question.

But none the less, I shall be patient and search for things to do to overcome this dreaded time.

On the process of writing this blog I passed by an article on the internet regarding boredom. According to the article, research shows that people of our times are most likely to experience boredom, since all we are passively entertained by a lot of things at once, we grow into this intense environment of entertainment that it becomes normal, and when at times it is absent, we fail to search for alternatives, or any source equivalent to what we know that entertains us best! So basically boredom in the sense is relative to what you are, if you spend most of the time alone and quiet, and get used to it then you’re on the right track! But if not then, boredom will likely strike you harder.

Here’s the link to the article.  And lastly, boredom is more about ourselves, than our surroundings!



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