My thoughts on “Percy Jackson and the olympians : The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan

Hello there!

Just after flipping the last page of The Lightning Thief numerous opinions took its place in my mind and on this book review I’ll tell you just it.

So I know that this is a Children’s/Middle Grade Dude’s book but I took my chances since I’ve read other books that fall under the same category and suddenly ending with a disagreement that such book should be for everyone and not just for kids!

Before moving on, I’d like to bring to your attention that this review is for those who’ve read it already, if you haven’t than do mind the spoilers that you shall pass by somewhere in this book review.

Olympus is in a bothering predicament, someone stole Zeus’s lightning bolt which is also a symbol of his position between the Gods. According to him Poseidon took it and used his son to do so. It all starts with Percy and his best friend Grover taking on a field trip at the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in Manhattan New York City. During the tour, he faces a fury disguised as his foul Teacher Mrs. Dodds, a pen is given to him by his professor and from uncapping it grew a bronze sword. With it Percy slays the monster and frees himself from a perilous predicament. From here, secrets start to unveil before him, he finally gains information about the reasons of his father’s disappearance and his state of being the Sea god and himself being a demigod; half mortal, half god. Prior to knowing, he is brought to Camp Half Blood along with his friend Grover which he found out to be a Satyr, and receives a Prophecy that would change his destiny forever. He meets Annabeth and brings her with his quest to retrieve the Lightning bolt from Hades (which by the way, ends up without it since Hades after all doesn’t even have it within his grasp) and so to prevent a war between the gods of olympus before the winter solstice.

Though this book is a children’s book, the adventure and various thrilling predicaments experienced by the trio (Percy, Annabeth, Grover) caught my off guard. And as oblivious I was about the book before reading, I knew that this book wasn’t just for kids.

Rick Riordan is really good with his art, he explains every occurrence that happens with sufficient detail, no superfluous pieces of information, it was just right to give you a fairly vivid imagery of the events the trios would experience.

The development of Percy in this book is quite realistic and well done along with Annabeth’s and Grover’s. An example is Percy’s transformation from being a coward to a kid brave to confront any predicament he would be in, and resulted in him ALMOST defeating Ares the god of war. Also the numerous displays of faith he had in his father the sea god, from the fact that he never believed in him is a great step forward for Percy. Grover on the other hand ends with a stronger belief in himself, Annabeth too took in the second chance of being with her family which she for five years discarded the thought. So I can’t wait to see how these characters turn out on the second book after a year away from the camp half blood.

Though Percy being twelve years old without any training or whatsoever, could be able to slay a Minotaur, and almost defeat the god of war along with escaping from a Hydra seemed to me as quite unrealistic. But none the less it is extremely cool, but I’m sure those who read fantasy books and look at it to forcefully about realism would frown upon this. But either way, Percy is a demigod, and his ADHD plays apart and separates himself from what deems realistic or mortal in the book.

The first book, The Lightning Thief is a great book. Not just to middle grade students, but also for those who just want to get themselves indulged in fantastic and thrilling seas of vivid imaginations so I recommend this to everyone! To the veterans, newly born bookworms, the elderly even your parents!

Out of 10 I’d give this a 9.5 since the realism may be an issue, but I could never care less about it. So I guess it’s a 10!!

Thanks for reading the review, comment below if you have any other thoughts about the book and check out more of Rick Riordan’s books on his site


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