Daily Prompt : Connect the Dots [Post Idea]

The Daily Post posted another “Daily Prompt” and here is what it said :

“Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.”

Hmm… the nearest book would be the one I’m currently reading since of course such book would never be more than an inch away from me wherever I am. And that lucky book would be “Serpent’s Silver” a pocketbook by Piers Anthony,and Robert E. Margroff.

Alright page 82. Third full sentence. “Jac wanted her. She had no doubt of that! Why couldn’t she desire him instead of a stranger? She knew Jac was a good man, a fine thief, and a true patriot who wanted to overthrow their king.”

Now working this whole quote into a post….

Let’s say I’ll be sharing my first impressions and opinions of this quaint line.

First off, as you can see, Jac obviously wanted “her” and it seems she is not oblivious about it but she doubts herself and laments on her disability to want him instead of someone else, despite him being a good man, a very fine thief with an aim to overthrow their king.

But the question is “Who is this stranger she compares to Jac?” “What significance is this stranger to her that he becomes an option?” and the answer? I do not know. How unfortunate.

Maybe this “stranger” shares the same traits as Jac but the only difference is that Jac actually wants to be with her but this John Doe doesn’t but even though she is still dubious.

But really, who the hell is “her” ? ?


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