What makes me happy.


To be honest, I’ve come to the point where the simplest of things flatter and entertain me from a bug popping out of nowhere at some place on a random excursion to the simple realization of the advancement in human intellect and technology which by the way I think may be bad for those who refuse to learn about. So the question, what makes me happy?

As a younger Ivan I’ve found happiness in games, objects that were “cool” and out of this world – which is funny for I never really knew what’s beyond the atmosphere not even what’s beyond the borders of Bahrain – or anything that existed to be, creations of others but never did I find out that these would matter even the lesser in the future.

The current Ivan, the Ivan that is at the meantime at my time creating this article out of the fun behind it has a whole different preference of what makes “him” happy.

When people ask others or themselves what makes them happy, not the genuine happy, but the content happy – usually end up Β with too much of a slur of what really is the most fitting answer, though that’s only what I’ve seen.

People make me happy, making them matter makes me happy. My family makes me happy, just pondering on the fact that they are there just because they are as they brought me to this world makes me happy. Just life, makes me happy, of what it has before me, of the challenges it offers, though as of now I am bewildered of my existence here, these things make me happy. But I think all these is what could sum up to be my purpose, it’s frustrating to surpass its ambiguity, but really I believe it’s part, I’m a catholic and I think it’s one the most profound ways the lord would ever lead his children to perfectness as he is.

Existence makes me happy, really. This morning, dad scolded my sister for doing something I don’t know of and as a young child would do, she ran to her bed crying, face deep on her bed pillows. I really don’t share my emotions a lot, but if I ever did it would be because I should, but from seeing that I melted. An hour later dad caught her crying and started to comfort her. Though I didn’t see it, I heard the words clearly from the other room, and that made me happy. Happy beyond measure, to the extent that I had to suppress tears that strongly wanted to leave. Witnessing (in this case hearing) acts of comfort and moments that make a person matter makes me happy, which is why I really find happiness in making people matter. The existence of people like my dad and anyone like him makes me happy the are the hope of humanity, Β I’d tell you about mom and my brother (my sister too) but I would have to jump out of context to do so.

Just making others happy makes me happy. It’s really an indescribable phenomenon, but nonetheless it is great.

Other than that, books make me happy. I love books so dearly that I’d rather have one for my birthday, Christmas, or in exchange for an iphone5 or anything equivalent to it and I would never hesitate to even gift one to a friend, that’s how awesome books are to me. I just love how it brings you to new places without even moving an inch except the short alterations in positions to supply comfort but nonetheless it does! And that makes me happy!

I guess this could be evidence that simplicity is bliss. But we all have our own preferences right?

What makes you happy?



  1. Seeing this post makes me happy! I thought for a while that you’d given up the blogosphere. Huhu.

    Questions make me happy πŸ™‚ I’m usually a very quiet and reserved person, but the right question (from the right people, perhaps?) can get me chattering away for a while.

    Books, definitely! I love love love being the most bookwormish person that my friends know.

    Art makes me happy, too. I wish I had more time, space, and talent for it. There’s a theory out there saying that working with our hands makes us happier, because there’s a bigger sense of accomplishment. Hmmmmm. Food for thought.

    Nice post! πŸ˜€


    1. This comment makes me happy!! I’d never give up on blogging even for a bit! I just haven’t fed off on any inspirations yet and on this post it would be life itself πŸ˜€

      Oh and I’m a quiet person too, pretty much an introvert so I share the same reserved lifestyle too.

      Groups do make everything all well, to me it’s the people that make the world and life worthwhile so to me that theory is truth!

      Thanks ate!


  2. this post makes me happy πŸ™‚
    A year or so ago I asked myself the same question.
    When we go through hard times its difficult to see or recall the small things that – on a better day- may make us smile. It was then that i started my ‘happy book’ (see blog) just a tiny notebook where i would write one word or phrase – or stick something in- per page. That way whenever im feeling rubbish, i can flick through and i KNOW i will smile and feel better.
    I do also have a ‘burn book’ where i scrawl a word or 2 when im NOT happy lol, for me it always helps to write things down – then i can look back in a few hours – weeks – whatever and realise that that thing wasnt actually the be all and end all and i survived it. Though to be honest i dont often write in that one.
    So in answer to your question… i couldnt possibly summarise what exactly makes me happy, there are just too many (and too many random) things to list….maybe randomness is the answer? πŸ™‚


    1. haha randomness definitely, but I’m sure you’ll get to the point where just that one thing would make you content whatever happens! and your comment makes me happy! makes me feel that someone actually reads extracts from my mind πŸ™‚ thank you!


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