My thoughts on “A Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin

It is time. Just a day after finishing this book I needed time to reflect on what I just consumed for the past eight days hence this review is born, or about to be, which will be.

“Winter is coming!” Oh how I love this line, if you’ve read the book you may understand what I mean since it carries so many meanings and happenings from deaths and victories.

Common reviews contain a brief passage of what the book is about but I wouldn’t want to be cliche, first because it insults the book I am about to review as it is as unique it can get, and spoilage is inevitable and the plot, oh goodness, how complex it is that a short six lined paragraph wouldn’t suffice.

This is a stout book ( a euphemism for fat but nonetheless ) and it did take me a day and a week to complete it following a strict goal of 100 pages per day which I found out to be not a hard feat for the book is just too great!

Let’s start off with Ser George’s writing, I may not be a veteran in writing but a mere apprentice to the masters of it, It is clear that his writing isn’t mediocre but the entire opposite, it flows and does not leave gaps for the reader to ponder after each full stop put, and along with that is its simplicity, it isn’t boastful and completes its purpose of creating distinct and vivid imagery in the reader’s mind.

To be frank before purchasing the whole A Song of Ice and Fire book set I’ve spent a month searching and reading reviews from people who have read it before me and what I caught to be similar to all was that it isn’t for everyone. And I understand why. I can even tell myself that it really isn’t for everyone, here’s a list of what should keep wandering readers at bay from this monster of a book :

1. If you prefer puppy love and heroics then this isn’t for you.

2. Blood? Carcasses? Vivid moments of bloodshed?Dangerous gritty events? The faint of heart must keep away.

3. If you aren’t mature about the way people copulate or its forcefulness ( epar – read backwards ) you must keep away from this book , and remember curiosity kills the cat. ( Such events are added as this book is also based upon George R.R. Martin’s study about real life events of the medieval times and religion and whatever history kept for the people of the present. )

4. If magic is an essential ingredient to you when looking for Fantasy books well this doesn’t have it, but it does have dragons!

5. This one is the most obvious – if you don’t have the patience to read BIG books then this is simply not for you 🙂

As it is gritty fantasy it will contain mature content and inhumane events caused by folly and tyranny, but remember all these actually happened in the times before our current present.

Keeping all these variables at hand what makes this one a worthwhile and enthralling read is the realism of the characters. George R.R. Martin focuses more on the characters and lesser of the storytelling, but by saying that I don’t mean that he shrugs off the telling of the story to the point where the book is just an atrocious read, he actually does a better job in it than most of the works other authors have done that I’ve read. This in turn makes the reader more involved with each character as you will see what they feel, what they’re thinking before hand and after, and experiencing each of their own predicaments and the opposite with them and I can guarantee you, that at the end of the book you’ll just miss them for it. ( George R.R. Martin created the book with different points of views which are separated into chapters, so chapter 1 would be in the p.o.v of Eddard, second would be to Arya, this makes the book even more fun to read as there are multiple plot lines, and under each of it would be counter plots which really gets you involved as the reader may want to remember plot points and recall them after any gap in between, and plus all of the characters are their own protagonist dealing with their own problems and anything they need to go through not one of any are the same but are all connected into one plot!! A great example of cause and effect )

Most fantasy readers would always expect the good guys to win and the bad guys get incinerated or incarcerated or anything bad happen to them, but in this book? The bad guys get the same chance to win as the good ones, which comes to another great feature – BALANCE. As most books are based on protagonist vs. antagonist, this one would base its evil and good upon the reader, some may find some characters evil or some may find the same ones good, which again I should mention the reader’s involvement, it does require intelligence and great understanding when reading this work of art!

One last thing, GRRM isn’t scared to kill off characters. All I can tell is that some characters will die here and all of them you’d already have a great connection with. ( a connection formed from being with them for 800 pages and multiple days ) And after flipping the last page I just couldn’t be happy again, I tried to muster all the great things I have in life but it just wouldn’t work, gladly after a day I got to my feet and proclaim its magnificence. ( This is how the reader gets so involved, it affects the real dimension of life itself ) So if you’re not emotionally ready ( as you may find yourselves feeling unfathomable amounts of emotion for a character and against one too ) then this book may not be for you, but nonetheless I highly recommend this book! If you’re reading this review, and is still dubious about reading it then I tell you, read it!!!

If you’re reading this book with the aim of just being reeled into another world different from ours, to feel happy and sad, to feel content, and not the purpose of actually judging GRRM’s writing and bashing him for being unrealistic or whatsoever critical thoughts book reviewers would come up with then this book is for YOU! Just check your maturity level and you’re ready!

Thanks for reading! If you ever read this book, comment below and tell me what you thought! Goodbye guys



  1. Great review, I’m always very excited when i come across someone who loves GRRM , song of Ice and Fire… He has us hooked I tell you! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews.


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