A Letter to my past self

A short letter to an older version of myself. The thirteen year old version. I chose him to be my past self for it was in that age did I start to commit most of my mistakes and experience fitful moments of a lighter dose of depression.

Dear Ivan,

To write to oneself may be easy, but to run back to the pasts that one severely hates is painfully hard as removing The Sword in the stone or getting a gash from a dragon’s claw. But it is what I will do. 

Before even attempting to form the first lines of this letter I first searched Google.com for a simple tutorial on how to write it. I’ve passed by one and was as simple as simplicity could limit itself and effectively re-lit that torch of information that hid behind the crevices of my brain.The purpose of this letter is to grant the challenge I’ve set upon myself to compose a letter to my past self. Even though my past self has long been banished and renewed I still want to imagine that you, my past self that existed four years ago, still exists. Though tempting it is to reveal all that has happened I would make this easy for you to read and simplify the small things you hated and reveal to you the benefits that it has brought.

Ivan, I would like to first tell you that you have been such a reclusive fellow and If I were to speak to you in person and not through letter, I may have to punish you for it. But even though I appreciate your efforts of searching ways to overcome your dense lack of belief in who you are, and I can gladly tell you, it has not come to waste.

I know that trying everything and mastering each one has become your main goal, but I advice that you pick one, harness it, hone it and become it. For a wise man would not want to be a Jack of all trades, but a Master of none. Even so, I am glad that your future hasn’t turned that way, but it did take an awful lot of things to give you that one option to choose. 

Though you have committed numerous of unintentional mistakes, caught into many accounts of immature ominousness against your siblings and habitual skulking. I would never wished that you never had done it, for those flaws is what came to the forming of me, my current self, and the decision of writing to you, myself. I still regret that you unknowingly plucked your miniature pimples, it did a great deal of damage to my self consciousness at the present and is still slightly insecure, but to what I see – I still believe there is hope.

Thank you for reaching the conclusion of this letter, Ivan. And I expect that you be as you are but it is too late for that, but still. I do have good news for you though, you will turn out very well in the following years, just take each downfall as another opportunity to learn and you will turn out well, and I am 110% sure. And stop thinking about your fat belly, you’ll lose it all when you gain some inches. 

Yours sincerely,

Ivan – yourself 



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