I.V.A.N – What’s in a name?

Inspired by the original idea by saved in drafts, I will try to find what my name contains and from that know its meaning, here is her post.

So my name’s Ivan, and to that let’s see what each word in it could ever describe myself. ( according to me )

I – ngenious

I could say I am fairly ingenious, I’ve caught myself in numerous accounts of creating ideas unique to the eyes of others. One time I wrote a poem about my brother and sister, mom considered it ingenious, and a few times was I praised for drawing and painting well ( I do these ), and at most times complimented for a “well written” blog.

V – ery cool

Coolness I believe is leveled by one’s own mind, so I could tell myself now that I am the lamest person in the world and I would be just what I say to myself. And from that piece, I can say I am very cool, actually just cool. Very starts with V and cool doesn’t, so cool is like a prefix to very. I guess I’m cool in such a way that I am not considered to be arrogant or narcissistic, just cool. Think of ice, just as cool as that.Chill.

A – ffable

Affable, another word for genial, cordial, amiable, basically friendly, to be even more specific “diffusing warmth and friendliness” – I judged this part of my name by the faces I’ve encountered whenever I meet a new person, and I can say I am truly affable. A few even tell me themselves “You’re such a good person” “It was fun hanging out with you” “You’re a nice guy” evidence is suffice!

N – eutral

Neutral. Meaning that I’m on either side of anything. Let’s put into example Justin Bieber, most people hate him and almost an equal amount like him. But to me? He’s just another person. I neither like him or dislike him. I prefer to be neutral and keep any of my negative or positive POVs to myself unless if doing so would do no help and would be better to blurt it out.

Well here you have it, the meaning of my name according to me! Why not YOU try it out! I found out a few things of myself that I never consciously knew myself, so if you are wanting to know who you are this will definitely do the job.




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