Questions Wednesday ( 1 ) – Why do people hate?

I thought of starting a “series” – Questions Wednesday –  just to get my blog going and following the right track most bloggers follow and also to clear up a few questions that I ask during my day to day life. So by sharing these questions every week, not only do I let YOU guys participate and question yourselves as well, I also get to free myself from doubts and open up to newer points of views! So feel free to join in and share your own thoughts! 

Question for today? Why do people hate!?

I’m not a psychologist or anything but as human as I am I do have a few plausible reasons to why people hate. I’m not much of a hateful person really but I do experience small doses of it, I think it’s a healthy dose that helps to separate the goods and wrongs. I mean, if you didn’t hate anyone how would you know who to trust? or who to follow by? right? But that hate usually dissipates in time and I hate no one!

I think people hate for a few things just go against their moral code which by the way is the only reason to why people hate, that I know of. But let’s dig in deeper. What about put in some example?

Justin Bieber. First, this is my second mention of his name in my blog, so Justin if you’re reading this which most probably you aren’t , you’re lucky to be in one of my blogs.

Alright, Justin. Why do people hate Justin? He doesn’t really go against any of our codes of conduct, why do people hate him then? I guess the kind of hate I was trying to ask about is this kind, where unnecessary hate is brought upon random people like Justin. I just don’t get it.

So let me rephrase the question, Why do people hate RANDOM PEOPLE FOR NO REASON? I cannot form an answer plausible enough to even be one! So I’ll be leaving this question to you guys!

I may have the basic perception of to why hatred is formed, but this type? I have no idea.

Another sub question, Why can’t people forgive those they hate? hmm..

Explain away guys! Share your thoughts on all these!



    1. I’m turning seventeen this year but you’re definitely older than I am 🙂 I agree though, it really is a big question – it has so many answers to it that at the end no one knows what the true cause is! I’ll be thinking of another question like it this coming Wednesday


  1. I believe that people hate justin because he attracts our girlfriends and we dont like our girlfriends our even our friend’s girlfriends to like someone else. And we also hate people who try to act cute in order to steal our girlfriends.


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