To keep intact with oneself is to keep an opinion of everything around you, to have your say about things to hold on to curiosity and feel the need to know more than what your mom or dad or teachers say is correct. Somehow I feel we should all think with a mind of a Scientist, conveying truths and weighing down experimented results and end with a hypothesis to fight for. A post of a great friend of mine, much of a brother, shares a true fact of it. You must read it!


Pinag-iisipan pa ba yan? This is a phrase I often hear everywhere. This is Filipino for “Do we have to think about it?” Well, do we really have to think about it, whatever it may be? I believe that we do, because all activity involves thought. Asking whether or not do we think about it makes thinking sound like a strenuous task when it in fact must come naturally to us Humans.

We are after all rational creatures and rational means we can reason. How can we reason without thought? Surely we cannot. Having said so, people who claim thought to be an errand requiring a great deal of vigour somehow fail to live up to their basic human reputation of being rational and are therefore less human. They degrade themselves to weak-minded human beings, if not irrational.

This mindset is the mindset of the ignorant. They refuse to subject their minds to the world…

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