My definition of Music and a little story

It’s 12:22 am here in Bahrain (a country in the middle east) and I can’t sleep. My brain is still awake (queer thing) and I’ve got this idea in mind that I need to put to life before tucking myself into bed.

Music guitar

Music guitar 

It’s about Music. Usually before going to bed every night, I’d hook my ears with earphones which itself is plugged into my phone and I’d listen to songs all night until I’d fall asleep. Though sometimes it fails to work, but when it doesn’t? The feeling is bliss.

To be frank when I was younger, around fourteen, Music never played a big part of my life nor did it echo around the house most of the time. I liked it, of course, I mean – Who doesn’t like Music? But my interest in it wasn’t as endearing as it is now.

The jungle Giants - live at the ANU bar 1/06/2012

A favorite band of mine, The jungle Giants – live at the ANU bar 1/06/2012 

During the last few years after that, Music started seeping into my life, it traveled slow but it was moving and I understood it more. Then slowly, it began to play a role in defining who I was and what I do. Never did Music become so important to me since then.

I think the slow progression of Music’s growth in me was my lack of exposure to it or at least to the correct kind. During the past years I’ve only listened to what’s on the radio and kept it that way for sometime, I’d frequently hear songs by Ne-Yo, B.o.B, Lady Gaga and some by the famous Justin Bieber. Then I’d surf the internet and see random lyric videos on Youtube, I checked those out and rarely did I hear one that was never played on the radio.

Two Door Cinema Club at Leeds Festival 2010

Another favorite band of mine – Two Door Cinema Club at Leeds Festival 2010 

Though it was seemingly hopeless for me, it suddenly changed. My brother had a stronger liking of songs before me and was most of the time searching for better ones, from him I knew more of it and listened and started to go in a search of my own.

In the years following, I knew more about bands, some I liked and some I didn’t, some were either famous or not, though most weren’t, they all had one thing in common – they were REAL. None used auto-tune nor did they overuse the power of technology to improve a song. Only their passion flowed and their hunger to create Music, which I felt that through their works. This is why I started to like Music so much, I found a meaning through their rhythms and lyrics. Somewhat similar to knowing one’s purpose here in the world, it was magnificent!

Music Note Bokeh

Music Note Bokeh (Photo credit: all that improbable blue)

My definition of Music? Well it’s a gift, a gift from God – a medium to which he could comfort us. For thousands of years Music was used to express grief and happiness or any other deep emotion, it spoke louder than words (literally) and infused imagery more than pictures would. Music to me is a form of transport, the kind that would take you into an abyss where all worries vanish, void of intolerance, depression, depreciation. This abyss, this realm Music brings a person is but the smallest possible fraction of what Heaven is. Music is an art, an expression. Music to me is an important tool to use in life, to learn and realize things that were never visible to us in our soundless worlds. And understanding Music is to understand life itself like books would make us understand the minds of its authors. Music is the only escape to the lies that hide from us, Music sets us free!

That my friends is my definition of Music, which I 100% brainstormed to seal it’s sincerity, to make it true. Also, according to a research, Music defines how you look at things and it alters your mood, so one piece of advice – pick wisely to what kind of Music you listen to, like objects in this earth and the things that my parents put me away from, not all are good. Thanks for reading guys!

What’s your definition of Music?


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