My thoughts on “Assasin’s Apprentice” by Robin Hobb

Assassin’s Apprentice

I’ve been wanting to post a book review about this for a long time now, I just didn’t have the time for it back then so here’s what I’ve got in mind.

Assassin’s Apprentice. Another one of the epic fantasy books I’ve got, it’s the first one in the Farseer Trilogy and I’ve got all three. ( I’ve only read the first two and will be posting a review each on the last two soon. )

The book was written by Robin Hobb a pen name for Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden who used many other pseudonyms during her writing career, which is pretty cool. At my first look I mistook her for being a male, I mean no contempt! She’s an awesome writer!

The first book revolves around the young bastard son, FitzChivalry, of the suppose-to-be King-in-waiting, Prince Chivalry. In the Kingdom of Six Duchies, FitzChivalry is claimed by King Shrewd, lord of Buck and allows Fitz to be part of the Farseer line as it his rights as well. But as bastard he is, he becomes a tool of the King, not much of a grandson but a tool. Fitz becomes a secret assassin of the king and we watch him grow as one, we watch his training and everything that happens before becoming one, we watch him evolve from a mere boy to a killing machine.

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Robin Hobb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright so that’s the basic overview of what the story is, don’t worry about spoilers because there is none in it. Well what can I really say about this book? It’s amazing! I’ve never been really attached to a book before, I mean like really attached. Though the Game of Thrones would be first in my list, Assassin’s Apprentice is fit to contend.

Robin Hobb is really great in creating a solid realistic character as she did with Fitz. Since the book is somewhat like a diary, written in the first person (FitzChivalry’s perspective) you get to see what he feels and what he thinks, Robin Hobb did really great in writing him. You could really sense the realism as FitzChivalry tells us his story, I sometimes forget that this is a Fantasy book not a true story. And I myself have been moved by some of his glum moments, there is a relation between Fitz and the reader somehow that makes this book so good!

First edition cover image by John Howe

First edition cover image by John Howe

Even though, there were a few parts that I didn’t like about the book. Well that would be its pace. Sometimes I’d be caught in a scene and just keep flipping pages but then sometimes I’d put the book down just to give my eyes a bit of rest. Why so? There were a few parts that just went so slow!! Most of the reviewers I’ve seen said that the first half of the book is just boring and long, well I do agree with that 100%.

But to think of it, the superfluous information that made the book “boring” was essential to keep Fitz a full person. I mean, do you think that our lives would be interesting all the time? Well not all the time. These parts of the book somehow intertwined the latter awesome parts, it molded Fitz to what he would be in the future, boring or not – all were important. And this comes to another cool thing about the book is that things actually happen to Fitz for a reason.

Let’s have this example. Okay, let’s say I ate a cheese, but a reader would see that as a filler, something to keep the flow going in a chapter. Then later on, who would know that the cheese affected my digestion system and thwarted my productivity? So you can’t say that it’s just a filler, it happened and there’s a consequence. And that is how it works in the Assassin’s Apprentice.

If you’ve read the book though, you’d notice that a  few entries were written before each chapter about the history of the six duchies, the elderlings or anything pertinent to the book. That’s one thing I didn’t like too, though it didn’t really annoy me, it just contested my patience sometimes.

To read it or not? I say READ it! There’s no other book that would enrapture you and just feel sorry and happy during the time. A participation is there, a subtle relationship so elusive that you won’t even know it’s already been there after a touch of the book’s cover. The only thing that would stop you from reading it is your patience, if you find reading books containing 600+ pages hard to read well you’d never experience the awesomeness!

Thanks for reading my book review guys! Tell me what you thought about it 😀



  1. Assassin’s Apprentice is such an amazing book! It was my first Robin Hobb, and I’ve been addicted to her ever since. yes, i agree the beginning of the book is a bit on the slow side, but Fitzchivalry is a child in those chapters and he’s too young to understand what’s happening around him. So yes, those chapters are a bit slow, but I’d never describe them as boring. it’s all important information to the story. And the Fool? best character ever!


    1. I think the same, it’s a really amazing book! I do love the fool in the book with his confusing wit and Burrich the Stable master too, he’s been with Fitz the whole time! Thank you for your comment 🙂


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