I broke my brother’s glasses…. now I feel guilty.


youtube-logo (Photo credit: www_ukberri_net)

Ian ( my brother ) and I decided to spend some time on Youtube before going to bed, just to relax ourselves. He sat on a folding chair beside me while I on another taking control over the laptop. It was going good so far, Youtube loaded, a few tabs were closed and the internet was extremely fast. We watched a few funny videos, some about cute babies and the others about eating challenges. We watched a dude eat a big mac in one bite which I thought to be very impressive, he had a very big mouth though. I kept at it for a while just clicking whatever Youtube suggested while Ian kept his eyes on it.

Among the suggestions was a music video. It had no clip but a picture of KSIolajidebt, a youtuber, over laying the song “Get Hyper” by Droideka.

Okay the song was not just a song. It was a Club type of song. The ones that had subtle beginnings transitioning into a huge pumping bass beat that gets the listener pumped up as the song goes.

So it started, a synthesizer was played looping a similar beat for a few seconds. Then a “noise” kind of rhythm entered alternating between low and high frequencies. Half a minute into the song these sounds were “muted” but you could hear it which lasted for a while. Imagine a blurred picture, that’s the basic feel to it. An english rapper started saying things, he ended his rhyme with a “GET HYPER” then an “explosion”.

Keep calm and get hyper

A combination of the first beat mixed with an undulating bass beat followed resulting in Ian and I jumping on our chairs. The chairs gave off a cracking sound but didn’t give, though that didn’t stop us. We continued. Ian and I were grinning while we pulled off our own hand gestures. I had my arms wiggling up and down, and Ian had his hands on a looping “stop there” motion. Basically, we got hyper.

But then I swung my arms around. Why did I have to turn around?! Oh why…

I turned around with my arms still wiggling below my head. On the turn my wiggling hand found its place on my brother’s eye. The poke pommeled him so hard that he went sprawling on to my bed. When Ian fell, his glasses went with him then *snap* – I didn’t actually hear a *snap* sound, but I’m sure there was, so… just imagine.

Ian recovered and took his place again on his seat and realized his glasses were gone. We found and picked up the broken pieces and fixed it back together. The hanger snapped off but was easily replaceable onto the hinges but it fell off a few times.

As expected he got angry and we argued for awhile. I kept telling him it was an accident which he believed so but still justified the fact that his glasses are now crappy whether it were an accident or not it’s still crappy. It’s my third time already obliterating the same glasses and the first two breaks were major just like this one. Since it happened yesterday and Dad doesn’t know about it yet, I pray that it still may be saved.

Three times! Would you believe that?! The worst fact is that I did it all unintentionally. Either Ian’s glasses don’t like me or I’m really that unlucky. Mom’s now mad at me for being so careless even though it was a complete mistake. I’m not sure what Dad would say but I’m sure he’d say even worse. What really makes me guilty though is that, why should it always be my brother? I mean, I usually get the “cool” stuff and when he has his own why the flagnog does it have to all end up in pieces?! I feel so unworthy with what I have because of it.

I’ve promised myself after yesterday that when I get my own job and make my own money, I’d buy him the most indestructible glasses ever in the world! May it fall from the tallest building or get smashed on by an elephant – never shall it break, nothing would.

Never shall it break! End.

Here’s the song that started all of it! It’s great!



  1. LOL i wish my son felt as guilty as you. I didnt have glasses until i was halfway through my pregnancy with him, i finally gave in in the hope that they would calm my migraines. 4 years on and i now own 3 broken pairs (all with various bits taped back on) just in case he breaks my latest ones again. I did have one other pair but i lost them one night so thats my own fault and but right now his pattern of destruction is averaged out to 1 pair per year. He doesnt do it on purpose but he went through a loooong phase of jumping on my head so it was bound to happen

    My first ones were expensive (silly me) they were actually a present from my mum who had built up ‘points’ or something at her opticians but since then i have learnt that tesco value (£10-£15) do the trick. I’ve had ones that sit crooked (very crooked) on my face, ones that refuse to hold both lenses at the same time…bottom line is – glasses break easily, at least you didnt break his nose and at least it was during something fun 🙂


    1. I wonder if in the future my kids would break my things haha but I’m still young so I don’t know yet, but I’m sure that yours would understand when they grow older – I mean when I was younger I’d mess up with my dad’s bike stuff but that was long back

      And I do agree 110% that glasses do break easily, a lot more fragile than a new born baby’s bones let alone a barbecue stick. Ian secured the hanger with tape too and is fairly unnoticeable I hope his friend’s in school don’t make fun him though. And we did have a lot of fun, the speakers were on maximum volume and our room was shaking, now I understand why memories are so important and “pricey”


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