How I read my books!

A Clash of Kings

A Clash of Kings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey there guys! It’s the first of February, the afternoon’s great and I’m feeling bookish today!

I haven’t posted anything about books lately (which would be a penalty for ignoring the half of my niche). Since A Clash of Kings is still hundreds of pages away before reaching the end, why not make a post about HOW I read it, in general my books.

I know that the whole question on “How to read” is self explanatory. You pick up a book, open it and start reading. Well, as a book reader (worm) I always wanted to know what would be the most efficient way of reading. Sometimes I’d search tips on how to read faster or what time of the day is it best to read. And all other kinds of questions. Questions that need answering to improve my reading experience.

In time, after enough questioning and research I’ve come up with my own way of reading. My own way of sustaining my comfort while I read as much pages as I can.


books (Photo credit: brody4)

To explain this as well as I can, let’s picture a scene. Visualize a room with a window on one end. A desk adjacent to it and on it is a laptop and other things from pens and papers. Picture me or anyone else (it could be your favorite actor, favorite sports player, or even Justin Bieber) sitting on an office chair just next to the desk itself reading a book. (Regarding the book, it could be any book too.) Also, if you want an even better image try painting the walls cerulean blue or ocher , whatever color you like. On it could be retro paintings or black and white portraits of yourself. On the ceiling could be a chandelier or just the normal energy saving light bulbs. Maybe add some furniture perhaps (besides the desk). In one corner would be a blue bubble seat, on the other a television with a Playsation set below or anything that you usually find there. And down below would be a lacquered wooden floor shining against the light of day.

Now that we have a character and a scene here’s what he does or let’s say what I do (if you’ve pictured myself instead of anyone else).

Here’s what my iPod Touch timer looks like. ( Photo Credit : )

Majority of people usually read and let time lose its meaning and pass along. But what I do is take my iPod and set a time limit of 30 minutes. Why? Well, I’m an easily distracted person and even though books are better than all things some just get on the way and I’d do that instead. So by setting a goal for myself not only do I get to monitor my daily reading hours I also get to improve my self discipline. I’d most of the time have four sessions a day, if I don’t feel the vibe I’d take on three. Sometimes five if I’m in a really good mood.

Okay the timer has started, I begin to read. While I read all sounds are muted and the room is turned tranquil, then I’d wear my favorite red neck pillow. It really makes reading an even more pleasurable experience.Try imagining a world without neck pillows, it would be insane!!

Fifteen minutes have passed and I’m on half a chapter, as I read I don’t vocalize. Or in other words, hear voices in my head. That cutesy tiny narrator in your head, I lost that long ago. Turns out that when you read visually not “verbally” in your head the average speed in which you read speed up twice!! Though it could only be achieved by long periods of practice, I still think I’m getting there. ( Right now I have a speed of 350 wpm [ words per minute ] )

Girl reading a book.

Girl reading a book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A minute is remaining, and I’ve read a chapter and a half. At this point I’d slow down my reading and pick up my bookmark stuff it into the spaces between and take some rest. And I’d call it done. After, I’d contemplate and think about what I just read or I’d go straight to things that I usually do like getting onto WordPress or updating my status on Twitter (which I don’t do frequently).

At some days I’d do all these while laying down on my bed which is even more comfy. The only bad thing is that, drowsiness? It becomes inevitable.

Well, this is how I read. But I wonder, how do you guys read? Do you follow a schedule? or do you read when your heart desires to? Comment below! Share your ways of reading! And maybe where. Thanks for reading guys! Hope you have a happy 1st of February! 😀



  1. I myself am a very slow reader. No matter how much I’ve tried, I can’t stop subvocalizing. If I do, I find I’m just skimming the words and lose most of my comprehension, and I’ll wind up re-reading a paragraph from two pages ago because I’ve pretty much lost my place! How did you learn to stop subvocalizing and increase your reading speed? I’d love to quicken my pace, but definitely don’t want to skim!

    I try to read at least an hour every night. After about half an hour I usually get up and pour myself another cup of tea. Right now I’m reading ARCs on my laptop (my e-reader broke) and it’s much more of a strain. I find it’s also harder to stay focused as I have the internet at my fingertips, just one tab away.

    Nothing like curling up in the crook of the couch with an old-fashioned paper book!


    1. I was very much like you. I did feel that reading fast was pointless but I kept at it even though it made me go back a few paragraphs back just like you. And in time I somehow adjusted to the speed and became my new normal! I usually read faster than I usually do so I could improve every time, so just keep reading fast. That skimming speed will soon be your reading speed. Just go faster than that voice in your head, it will overlap and suddenly vanish, but it would definitely take a long time!

      But hey! Old fashioned paper books are still awesome! haha I’ve never tried an e-reader, how does it feel like having one?


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