Making it simple and oblivious

17 (Photo Credit :

Just turned seventeen today! Woot! Now I feel much older, yes! And a bit abnormal in the sense that I don’t feel like I was, yesterday than I do today. If you noticed, people would sign their birthdays up on their Facebook profiles and have them be greeted by flocks of friends, acquaintances and strangers! But what I did? I cancelled that out. And to my expectation, the entire opposite happened.

Let’s say you asked “Why?” I did it to see who my real friends are or at least the ones who remembered and to keep my privacy fresh. If you really think of it (deeply), your whole neighborhood never greeted you “Happy Birthday” whenever they saw you on that day, did they?. If they did though, well good for you! But in truth no one would really do, unless you go tell everyone about it which in this case is happening all the time on Facebook. And I don’t want that.

birthday cake

birthday cake (Photo credit: freakgirl)

I wanted to keep it simple and oblivious. I wanted my birthday to be more meaningful. I want it to be a sweet memory, not the “OMG I was greeted by 700 friends on facebook on my birthday” but the “Last year I woke up to Dad and Mom greeting me with a warm Happy Birthday, Mom even decided to bake a cake and have a celebration!” kind of memory.

Luckily for me, that happened and I’m really thankful. It feels really good that people, especially my family, are legitimately happy for my birthday and not the other way around (for I think that some people greet others as a form of phony respect and not because of the genuine happiness that a person has reached their seventeenth year on earth [ but who am I to know ])

To add to that, Mom also bought me clothes – now I get to feel good and look good at the same time! And yesterday Dad took my family out to dinner. We had a good time and satisfied bellies.

I guess I’ll be having it this way instead from now on. It’s much better and fulfilling.

And here’s a cool song entirely irrelevant to this blog post!



      1. I can remember my birthday, which is faked on facebook. And with it i can clearly see everyone who simply greets because of internet courtesy. I find it quite hypocritical. Its awful.


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