Observations and Cute realizations


Fuddruckers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So a few days ago I ate out with my family in a restaurant called Fuddruckers. The orders were taken and everything went well. I had a specialty burger called “The Works” a burger consisting of sauteed mushrooms, melted swiss cheese and roasted bacon strips which I later on decadently ate (the burger was just magnifique!)

Before everything else, before even setting ourselves on a table, a waiter tended to our needs, provided our seats and menus. He was doing his job pretty well with an affable style. But later on served a few others and was swapped with a waitress, and here is where my helpless observation started.

She has to be in this post. My only favorite actress, Jennifer Lawrence.

You see, I’m a right brainer. I’m better with faces than with names I also have some kind of appreciation for beauty. This waitress, this Jane Doe. This woman who is obviously older than me but still in the primes of her youth was so damn super-cadet pretty. Alright, let me define “pretty” or at least the way I see pretty, change that to beautiful.

What is it to me? Well, I define beautiful as genuine, real and pure. No make-up, nothing. Beautiful isn’t vain and humble just how love is patient and giving. Beautiful is like an incomprehensible piece of poetry, an indecipherable corner of philosophy, the unknown truths of the world.

And this woman, she had that. Damn. You know before I even proceed, this is my first time having a crush on a stranger. (Wow)

During the time, Dad decided to swap his traditional burger for a kind of veggie burger and had to call her back. She came striding with her skinny jeaned legs and elegant face to our table. Honestly, if I were much older I’d tell her that, but If I did I would sound like an emotionally overwhelmed boy who can’t control his feelings, to her and my parents.

English: Pyramid's veggie burger

English: Pyramid’s veggie burger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be frank, my dad’s a funny man, full of jests and a wit for very very appropriate self deprecation (which everyone can relate to thus making it funny). He cancelled the order while tucking in a few funny jokes while my mom added in her own sprinkles of it. This of course led to giggles and laughs to brother, sister and I. Jane Doe did too. Oh how she had a lovely smile. If I had the power of picking Suns then her smile would be my day. (So corny isn’t it?)

She was really beautiful. She really really is. I can’t believe I’ve seen her, I just can’t. You see I’ve seen beautiful people who fit the same category, but none would compare to her.

Awesome quote I saw on Google.(Photo Credit : livelifehappy.com)

But life’s about acceptance and hope, you fail you accept it and move on, you win and gain ever more hope to win again! And I’ve accepted that. I know she’s someone I can never befriend or get pass the lines of “just friends” but it does give me hope that there are more out there whom I could admire and appreciate in the future.

I’ll never forget you, Jane Doe. Never! You have lit up that sorta dim heart of mine, you’ve provided hope. It was an honor to be your secret crush but I must put this asunder and move on. It was really a well observation and a cute realization.

Here’s a song that best presents a few things that I could possibly do If I had the chance to. 




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