What’s on my Mind?

Lionel Messi taking a freekick. (Photo Credit : worldsoccer.about.com )

Hey there guys! Today I woke up thinking. Thinking about what really “fits” me or what things I should be really sticking to. You see, I play football (soccer). I really love the game. I loved it so much that at some point in my past I even decided to quit college just for it. But that was then and I do agree, it was stupid.

Last week I played a match against the local Indonesian team in an 11-a-side set. I played a defender for the Philippines and was duly annoyed that I was placed there (I’m not much of a defender). The whole match was atrocious. I let a few strikers pass me and allowed them to score a goal. The after effect wasn’t pleasant and I had to be subbed out. It felt bad for me. My morale just went haywire and my confidence drained out. Then I thought “Maybe football isn’t for me after all.

It’s Remy!

The following events led to thoughts, this post and to the movie Ratatouille. To tell you. Ratatouille is my all time favorite movie followed by The Hobbit. The movie was just a great example of hope and the results of determination. Who’d think that a mere rat could become the best cook in France? Though this may not be possible in real life, the thought of it makes everything worth it. If a rat could become a cook, why not a boy become whatever he wants to be right?

In Ratatouille, many quotes were mentioned about passion, hard work and purpose. But it’s just this one that really struck me or at least made everything clearer for me. It’s a quote by Anton Ego, the former bitter Food Critic.

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” – Food critic Anton Ego

Mr Anton Ego.

It’s really true what Anton says. But is it ever too late to become an artist? It’s a constant debate in my head whether things should be treated as an art or just another pedestal that helps in our growth. Though it is my presumption, another quote popped out and made that one even clearer. It’s by (coincidentally) Anton’s counterpart Chef Gusteau.

“Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.” – Chef Auguste Gusteau

Chef Gusteau from Remy’s point of view.

Chef Gusteau is a genius. Especially the one that created him in the process. So I see how taking risks is important, he even said it “the fearless can be great”. Maybe these doubts should be shunned and disregarded, maybe I should stop these assumptions. Can I be great? I believe so. Can you be great? I believe.

Football may not be for me, I may not be a great player at the moment. But should I take the dive, greatness is just a fall away! What’s on my mind? It’s this, it’s the possibilities.

Here’s an amazing track from Ratatouille that I really Iove so much even though it’s French. I took some time to read the lyrics and memorize it, now I can sing along. It’s just beautiful!


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