I Got Nominated For The Very Inspiring Blog Award

Hey there peeps! I just came back from the park and guess what? I got nominated for another award! Woot!

Sophie (Saved in Drafts) nominated me, here’s her post where she too was nominated for it. So first off, this is my second time being nominated for an award which is great! And by the same person too which is great too! Apparently my blog has become inspirational and it feels really good to know! So thanks Sophie for nominating me! (She mentioned in her post that if she had a little brother, I’d be the one. Well, I’d gladly be!)

A set of rules came along with it and here it is :

1. Display the award on your Blog. [Done]

2.Link back to the person who nominated you. [Done]

3.State 7 things about yourself. [Read Under]

i) I love Oreos.

ii) I don’t gain weight as easily as others.

iii) I like to write stories about knights and kings, anything medieval (with wizards).

iv) My height is 5’10.

v) Green is my favorite color!

vi) I somehow eat fast.

vii) I have my own private concerts, and sing along to my favorite songs when I’m alone while I strum my air guitar or beat my air drum kit. (I had nothing else)

Lastly, nominate 15 bloggers. Well I don’t have a suffice amount of bloggers to nominate so we’ll see what I come up with.

1. Augustosophy –  Here’s the blog of my brother from another mother, his writing is inspirational thus making his blog an inspiration! May you continue your great works brother!

2. Little Cartographer – I love her blog! Inspirational, inquisitive and witty! ( Hi, ate! 😀 )

3. Me Gusta Mi Books – I uber like this blog! Pictures about books and everything pertinent that he/she shares is awesome!

4. cruelladekill – Just cool, plain cool.

5. kennisaur – He doesn’t post much, but he does have great posts!

Here’s five, and that’s better than nothing!

To those I’ve nominated, you guys have awesome (and inspirational) blogs! I guess this award gave me the chance to tell you so!



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