I was thinking, what if money never existed?

money_rollThis by the way is just an idea. I’m still a teenager and I 100% accept that I know nothing about money or anything financial. You may see me as another kid who’s got nothing to lose and should not disrespect the importance of money. But really…. what if it never existed?

When I was a younger kid I always thought that food would always be there, just present on the dinner table. I never knew where else it came from, only that Mom and Dad bought it with “paper” in a grocery store. And the word “buy” itself, I thought to be a foreign word. It was just the simple action of taking and giving back.

But then I grew older. I came to find out that these “papers” have “value” and is apparently (in some parts of the world) being killed for. So again, what if it never existed? What if the only “value” of trade are ideas, what if ideas were the currency.

Think of it. If money never existed, we’d be doing what we want because we want it. Food and all that wouldn’t be scarce because itself is already the “money”. This would go all around the world, being traded – circulating like money would. It could create this giant non-judgemental, non-prejudicial, non-inferior community. Then if new ideas come from different people, all of it would be heard and accounted for. I’m sure the mindsets of people would change too! No one would be greedy or selfish, for everyone shares! Since everyone is equal, we’d be as rich as we tell ourselves to be. Poverty would never exist. The world a perfect place.

It would be like the whole world a giant family! I wonder what life would be if Adam and Eve didn’t take a bite on that apple. Should it be like this?

There is a chance. I can’t tell. Money, it is such an essential that some people allow it to control them. But it is inarguable that we all need it. (I’m sure I’ll be needing it when I get older) It’s just that question, What if it never existed? If it did, what if it were “just” a piece of paper or circular piece of metal? The possibilities are endless… and that fascinates me a lot.

What do you think? What if money never existed?


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