“Valentine’s Day” – A Report

[ Photo Credit : 2littlehooligans.com ]

The clock just struck 12 (3 hours ago) here in the middle east and I could say, V-Day is finally done! And I could also say, it has been a really really great day! (Much better than I expected)

I understand that the stereotypical “Valentine Day” is about girlfriends and boyfriends, flowers and chocolates, hugs and kisses, whatever concerns Love and its pleasure between two people (appropriately, between the opposite sexes).

It’s been made an even weirder day by all the lonely “single” teenagers who cry and pity themselves on Facebook, Twitter or to anyone who would actually “listen” to their single life stories. Which would most probably be about how people would never want to love them or date them (I hope they know that self-pity is suffice to be a giant turn-off, especially for guys). Sorry if I sounded critical, it’s annoying and must be brought to the attention of the people!

Lucky for me, this Valentines Day wasn’t that and I’m extremely thankful. To take note, not only did I get to save money and time on things I’m sure I’d be forgetting when I hit 20 or older, I also got to spend an awesome non-wasted time with people who I actually care about! (My family goes under that category too, just sayin’)

Buster Brown Valentine postcard by Richard Fel...

Buster Brown Valentine postcard by Richard Felton Outcault, early years of 20th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The morning of V-Day we moved to Juffair, another place here in Bahrain. It’s like more of the “city” side of the country with buildings everywhere. They even have a stretch of road called the “American Alley” where various restaurants and shops run along the sidewalks. Ironically you could find most of the americans here, some british. To generalize – most of the foreigners.

My best friend lived there, so I sent him a message on Facebook and asked if my brother and I could come over. And you know what he said? “hahahahaha” Now that, that’s the sound of approval.

We took our baths, changed our clothes and made ourselves presentable. I doubted my brother did for he only wore his plaid blue shorts and a matching navy blue hoodie. But nonetheless he had something to wear.

The place we temporarily stayed in was not very far away from his, but the walk still required effort. We walked by the alley, and caught random people doing random things. Ian had an awkward situation in the middle of the road, panicking and turning around. I had to nudge him over to the right direction. Crossing roads has never been more of a cautionary action rather than a convenient one after that (relating to the action of going from one side of the road to another).

We made it to his house after a few more crossings and passing the building watchman (he lived in an apartment) – we only had to say his last name for him to let us in, empowering for a short time but it never lasted. Funny that it made that effect, it did not do any good.

Most of the time we had been spent on games. We played Fifa 13 and Call of Duty. I dominated with my team on Fifa but lost most of the time on Modern Warfare 3, it’s sad really. Even more that I can’t do anything about it.

That's me, busting a move. On the left is the best friend.

That’s me, busting a move. On the left is the best friend.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar of the Harlem Shake, but it’s become a huge trend right now. It’s like a “dance” that people film themselves do. At the first seconds of the song a person would randomly dance while others around wouldn’t “notice” and when the line “do the harlem shake” enters everyone starts to go crazy, doing whatever they want (check the video at the bottom). Well, we made a similar kind of video. Though we haven’t uploaded it yet (or agreed to do so), we had a fun time making it!

We had to film it twice, since the first run didn’t work out well but we did make one heck of a Harlem  Shake! Not long after, we resigned to play even more, we shared a few stories, laughs and random stuff.

It hit 11 pm when we had to leave. Dad picked us up from his house. We made our goodbyes and farewell handshakes and left.

Valentines Day has never been so well for me until today. My satisfaction satiated and my mind at peace. I loved it. But even though, Valentines should be celebrated everyday. It’s the celebration of love isn’t it? We should always celebrate love, and the great things it could do. If not then at least it should be kept in mind. Everyday should be Valentines day, for everyone should love, it could be to anyone. May it be an acquaintance or a random person on the streets. We should live to love. Happy belated Valentines everybody!



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