Creativity And Minecraft!

Hello there! If you noticed, I haven’t been posting anything for the past few days. If you kept any attention to my blog you’d notice that I’d post every other day of the week. But this week didn’t work out that way. Why? Well I just found out about this awesome super fantastic cool game! It’s called Minecraft. Oh goodness how late I was for the party, that only now I found out about it. Actually, I already knew about it but I never cared to try it out. Last week I did and O M G, it was like a paradise, a fairy land, a land laden with so much awesomeness to handle!

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As a kid I loved LEGO. Like really really really really love! I loved it so much that it was the only “toy” I wanted for my birthday and was the most common thing around the house. I remember I’d spend a whole afternoon making cars out of Lego pieces. Sometimes I’d make a village with their independent Lego owners and all that. Lego was just so much fun!

But as I progressed and grew older, I slowly forgot about Lego and turned to other toys for comfort and fun. Since last week? Oh no, that love has lit up again! Minecraft did that.

Minecraft is just like Lego. You have blocks to build with, you stack them over and create structures. Whatever it may be, a house, a cottage or even a ship! Possibilities are endless! The only limit it your imagination and creativity.

Here’s a house I made on Minecraft. Took me a long time but was worth it!

Speaking of Creativity, Minecraft did a peculiar thing, perhaps it tested it. It tested my Creativity.

I decided to be an Architect when I grow older and it’s important to have at least a sense of design when planning a house. Somehow Minecraft opened me to the truths of my capabilities relating to that. And from what I saw, there’s still lots to be learnt. And a long long way. I pray I reach it. Thanks for reading guys!



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