My Life In A Nutshell

Alright, I won’t be fitting anything in a nutshell nor am I going to hurt one, but I will try to compress everything in one whole post. ONE post.

Okay, to start off with that first line you just read took a longer time writing than normal. I wanted a catchy yet juicy phrase to get you into this, which however showed how “rusty” I am at the moment. So rusty, think of 1990s iron exposed for 23 years to the open air. Yes, that rusty.

I’ve been quite busy going all over the place, or at least walked a different path way in the process. Think of a double lane highway, the way to the blogosphere is on one side and the other is the lane I currently am on. (I just took a detour back on the way to the blogosphere hence this post.) And so I’m quite packed with stories and adventures to share! Which is a really good thing!

As to the “everything” part, here’s what I’ve got. First big thing? I got into COLLEGE! Yay! (Or university) I’ve been stuck up on the fact that I may NOT get in but here I am, writing about me being in it! I chose to take up BS Architecture, and I’m so excited. Thing’s are really going great for me, and the school is huge! I mean HUGE! There’s four departments, a football field and even more space for a church and several basketball courts. The size overwhelms me though, deep in me is some sort of intimidation to the whole place. I somewhat feel unworthy of it, but hey! I’m IN so screw all that!

Here’s College of Architecture and Fine Arts, one of the few departments of the University of San Carlos here in Cebu, Philippines.

Oh yah did I mention that it’s located a thousand miles away? Yah, I know it’s crap. I have to be alone here in the Philippines just to get my college degree, it’s a good deal though. All I have to do is study and bare the absence of my family for a rough five years plus two if I take a Masters Degree then get a better life after. I don’t like the family part though, I’ve been with them for a long time and that’s equal to most of my life so it’s weird and scary to be out there without them. But it’s something have to do, I’m seventeen close to getting a driver’s license and legal drinking (which I won’t be doing much by the way if ever, but NO, I won’t do it) and so I need to grow up. Speaking of growing up, I HATE it. I hate to grow up. I don’t want to.

Growing up for me so far, is paying my own bills, enrolling my own self (which I’ve done already by the way) and at the moment looking for a place to stay. My dad’s here though but only for a month, he helps me out here and there but ditches me after when I need to learn. So yah, I don’t like to grow up.

So this is “everything” in a nutshell. I know it’s not much, but it’d take a book long to get every detail down for you to read. But I have one big question though, how do you get used to “growing” up? It’s my current dilemma, and I need it gone pronto!!


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