Here’s what I like, and hate.

Sky Lion

Sky Lion (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I like the sky, I like the stars. I like its color, I like the clouds. I like time, I like how it changes us. I like pretty faces, and never ending smiles. I like laughter, I like sorrow. I like difficulty, and I like how it molds us. I like songs, I like beats. I like undulating frequencies and I like the emotion it brings. I like personality, I like grace. I like intellect and I like seriousness. I like fun and I like joy. I like the future, and I like the curiosity to what it brings. I like the present, I like the past. I like action, I like virtue. I like loyalty, I like relief. I like paper, I like the smell of it. I like books, I like the crisp of every page. I like games, I like how it drives us to choose. I like love, I like giving it. I like talk, I like to talk. I like friends, I like connection. I like eyes, I like depth. I like solitude, I like to think.

Street Child, Srimangal Railway Station, Srima...

Street Child, Srimangal Railway Station, Srimangal, Maulvi Bazar, Bangladesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hate time, I hate how it passes by so fast. I hate being alone, I hate being far. I hate people, I hate how some won’t just have enough. I hate poverty, I hate the unfair. I hate corruption, I hate cheat. I hate anger, I hate how everyone has it (even me). I hate hypocrites, I hate television. I hate habit, I hate bad ones. I hate acne, I hate cysts. I hate sickness, I hate death. I hate its truth, I hate how it may come soon. I hate depression, I hate that it happens from time to time. I hate vanity, I hate it when it is too much. I hate jeeps, I hate public transport.

But here’s one thing that I love….

I love how everything no matter what has a beauty in it. Whether it be a broken toy or a golden garland. I love beauty.



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