It’s Awkward, If You Make It Awkward.

Philippine Jeepney

Philippine Jeepney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I was riding the jeepney the other day. It’s some sort of public transport, just like the buses and taxis but much smaller and don’t really follow the same rules as you would follow on any other carpool. Okay, so I was riding it the other day. I was on the way to the supermarket, to get the last things that I need to complete my setup here in my boarding house. It was an okay experience, could have been awkward but it wasn’t which is awesome! I finally got my way around, and ended up having a good pair of tin can openers, a rice scooping thing, two new belts (a leather one and another for casual outings; the previous belt that I had before these were the “I love boobies” belt my cousin gave me, she said it was a cancer support thingy, I never really knew.) and a sturdy umbrella. It rains a lot here in the philippines, or at least is currently at THAT season, so I consider myself lucky to get a good ass umbrella and plus it’s my favorite color, BLUE!

So I got home, set my stuff up and tried the stuff out. It worked well and was relieved it did because I DID NOT want to go back there. I have some sort of anxiety towards jeepneys, honestly. Okay… so it was around.. uhh.. two hours before twelve midnight and I lay on my bed cuddled between my pillows. I had four, so it was really cozy! I lay there looking up, staring at the white ceiling of my apartment then started to think.

My thoughts were crowded, it had a mixture of nervousness of my impending “First day” of college which by the way right is a day ahead (June 10) and other miscellaneous things that most probably a normal-still-living-with-their-parents seventeen year old would NEVER think about. At some point of my contemplation I came to realize (This thought by the way was tucked in between my thoughts of socializing and making friends, as I really didn’t know how to make friends – usually it came naturally but I never thought of some sort of way, so yah – it was between those lines.) that you make things awkward, when you make it awkward! Sort of like “cease the day” kind of thing. I never really grasped the thought.

If you really look at it, in a way, awkwardness is really something you need to embrace. Not taken off. Just like an acceptance to the human flaws each one has. Let’s take human interaction for example, it’s inevitable awkwardness would be there, but if we accept it as it is we make it a part of ourselves and since it is already a part of ourselves we don’t need to think much about it. So at some point, you’d still do the things you love while being awkward but since you don’t really care much about since you’ve accepted it, you don’t feel it anymore! Get we’re I’m going with this?

But to keep it simple, IT’S AWKWARD, WHEN YOU MAKE IT AWKWARD. I’d really want to explain my thoughts too on the set quota of society, and how it stops people from trying out new things since it’s not “society wise” accepted. But that’s a whole different story. Wait, let me check how many words I’ve typed… hmm… oh crap! That’s 565 words! But I’ve done longer though…. YOLO.

Okay, so this was one okay post! Tell me, what makes you feel awkward?



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