I Want Someone.

I want someone. I want someone to sit by me. I want someone to stick by me. I want someone to lay by my side and share the skies, the stars, and the spaces beyond human’s reach. I want someone to listen to music with me, the kind of music that I love. I want someone to rock with me while we listen. Banging our heads, doing whatever we wanted. I want someone who plays football, someone who can take a ball to the arm and not get hurt. I want someone who can play it with me. May it be night or day, she’d be there for me. I want someone.

I want someone. I want someone who can talk. Not just talk, but be good at it. I want someone who doesn’t run out of words, and has lots of stories to tell. That way, we could talk forever. I want someone who can chase me. Someone who could run with me, jump with me. And the biggest of them all, deal with me. I want someone who is witty, smart and quick. Facts and common sense is her strength and she’d share it with me. I want someone who wants to grow, to grow along with me. Someone who’d experience things not just by herself but with me. Someone who’s unconditional and unselfish. I want someone.

I want someone. I want someone who is humble. Humble enough to listen when I’m angry. But confident enough to see my wrongs. I want someone who is wise and listens. Who thinks before she speaks, and strikes when it is best. I want a strategist, someone who can talk herself out of the greatest perils of life. I want someone brave. Someone who’d take the dive for me when I can’t go on. Someone who’d do anything for what’s truly good. I want someone.

I want someone. I want someone who’s virtue is respect, honor, and religiousness. Someone who believes in god, and has a faith of steel. So that way, when I wobble in my tracks, she would help me to get it back straight on. I want someone who loves their parents, who respects them more than they respect themselves. I want someone who would respect mine and see them as their parents too.

I want someone. I want someone who doesn’t do drugs. Who doesn’t drink. Who parties, but not too hard. And so that way, she’d teach me how to party, because I really don’t know how. I want someone who wouldn’t see me as a failure, but a work in progress. And she too sees herself as that. I want someone who’s happy, but not too happy. Happy enough that she thinks clearly and equally. I want someone who’d get mad and control it. And as mature as this would get, I want someone who’s pure, a virgin.

I want someone. I want someone with a beautiful face as she has a beautiful heart. I want someone who isn’t scared to get dirty, or do the laundry. I want someone with a funny humor and is always appropriate. I want someone who’d make me laugh, and it’s hard to make me laugh. I want someone real. Someone solid, someone who knows who she is and what she wants to do.

This is a really random thing to write, and if you noticed, my thoughts are EVERYWHERE. And as a conclusion, this is what I WANT in a GIRLFRIEND. And a wife, if ever, but that most probably will change in time. But hey! It’s good to have a picture, a vision perhaps, of what you want right?

***And a side note, I have a thing for not so short, or let say petite females! HAHAHA And who dresses closely like the girl to the right. And lastly a good smile, a non judgmental mindset, and  skin as a white as mine. And don’t call me judgmental! These are just my preferences, and DON’T LIE you have yours too. My classmate who’s thin as sticks likes chubby girls, and I can’t blame him!

~~~What about you? What do you “like”? Hmmm~~~


Published by

Ivan Matthew

Hi! I'm Ivan. Reality is I sucked at English 101 but I love to read and write stuff. Thanks for passing by.

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