She Sat There

English: Flowers of Apricot at the rain ( , Du...

English: Flowers of Apricot at the rain ( , Dusheti Dist) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She sat there. On a rustic green bench placed on a vintage sidewalk winding around a drenched city park. She faced the other side of the road full of shops and what not, from local dress shops to the tastiest coffee shop. It was raining, her hair was wet, her makeup smudged and her 900$ heels wet to the point of breaking. She didn’t care. To her left was a couple, newly found, cuddling under a dark blue umbrella. The man, shielding his love against the rain as if he’d do it forever. Then she thought. What is love? Is it something that happens because we are built to do so? Or is it a choice? To make it or break it? What is life? What is the purpose of existence? Why was she even sitting here? Where did she live? What was her name? Then a flash.

It was like an 80s slideshow, frames rolled against a main light source. Like images meeting a white wall on black and white, that is what happened to her. Images started to flow through, images from her birth, when her mother was still sedated and her father scooping her up from the nurse’s palms, such a small thing she was. Images from her high-school years, her first love, her first heartbreak, her second and her last. She started to feel a pain. A pain because of mere realization. It kicked in. All her monotonous days, her depressive coworkers and the time she wasted. It was seeping in, like a sponge absorbing water. She felt soft. She was melting.

The rain ceased and against the horizon was a sun setting, hidden by the heavy clouds in grays and white. It was a weird view from her left, the couple she saw still stayed, the man pointing up to the sun while his love ignored and held her stare. She cupped his cheeks and gave him a kiss. He turned towards her and looked into her eyes then smiled.

It was sad for her to see that but she looked away and gave a weak smile. She looked up, the sun was blooming fully, birds started to chirp and the smell of rain strengthened. She then stood up, she paused and knew what to do. She decided to turn her life around.

*Main thought I want to deliver on this short is that whatever happens, it’s never too late to take control! It starts from you!




  1. Really cool short. I’m so proud of how you are developing as a writer also amazed at the depth of this piece. Keep writing. You inspire me…


    1. Thank you, and I will. I’m really glad and moved that my form of escape is an inspiration to others, you’re awesome! Thanks again for the lovely comment 🙂


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