Taking Risks

So I just had my breakfast a few minutes ago and right now, I’m in this internet cafe. My laptop broke down and I pretty much have nothing to type with, unless I wrote something down with pen and paper but what good would that be?

It’s been already three months into the whole “being responsible” thing, in other words “adulthood” albeit me being in an age, in general, shouldn’t be in but I find myself quite lucky anyway. And throughout these fruitful months, actually more fruitful than expected, I’ve learned a lot, from getting out and talking to people, surviving too, but I also understood the truth of taking risks.

I’m pretty sure your mom or dad, or best friend, or grandpa or whatever, advised that you take the leap of fate, or try something new for a change, but what I’m also sure that maybe you never understood the concept well, I mean I didn’t. Sure you must have tried something new, but is that truly a risk? Or did your dad just tell you to do it? And today, in this slightly cold cafe, I’ll try to break it down, while you keep in mind that I may not have the sharpest or let’s say the truest definition of risk taking.

Somewhere around my frequent internet adventures I’ve read that taking a risk means that you’ve chosen to do something you’re afraid to do and doing it anway, and I believe it is true! I mean what other reason would a risk be but for it to be ambiguous and unsure? But when do you know a risk is right, right? (Redundancy!)

There are so many things to take into account here, from my point of view at least. Let’s say you’re about to submit a project in a week’s time and you have this idea, to stand out perhaps, but it too is the lousiest way to go. But if you do it, is it a risk? Chances are it may fail, yes? I mean, it’s the worst thing you could do and that’s what you “want” to do, by doing it does it mean you take a risk? Well yes, but it’s a bad kind. Taking such risks I think pretty much takes away the beauty of taking risks, what’s the point if you just set yourself up for failure?

To me, taking risks is knowing that you have a great idea but realistically is too big for anyone to accomplish and the risk in it is that you’d do it anyway. And in relation to the “project” above, you take the risk to make something great, which would most probably take more than a week to make but you do it anyway. That’s what Risk is.

Risk is taking the leap of fate, knowing that something you’re about to do is greater than anyone could ever imagine, it may fail but you carry on anyway!

What about you? What’s your take on Risks? What advice can you give to those taking risks? Have any stories to tell? All your comments are welcome and are greatly appreciated! Until next time! ..



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