What’s There To Write When There’s Nothing To Write

Okay, so this is it. I am back. From most probably the longest rest from blogging any blogger has ever seen before, a time span longer than the week last time I thought would never end. Honestly longer than my semester break – LITERALLY. You see, in my attempt to be humorous I tend to be superfluous (see what I did there?) And to answer that I did not do a thing.

Retro Packaging - Cool right?A friend of mine tweeted me a few days back telling me about her most favorite video (which according to her would be – in the next gazillion years) which turns out to be one of my videos, and that suffice to say was pretty inspiring. Yes, inspiring – I mean, no one really tells me that but hey! Now someone has. What would you feel if out of the blue someone told you on twitter of a video you made more than half a year back and proving that that video was one of a kind? I would buy myself two packs of Doritos and (shamelessly) steal El Macho’s secret taco sauce then dip those heck of a chip into that sauce and eat it. Epic. [If you do not know who El Macho is, then shame on you. You have not watched Despicable Me 2. See, I’m generous I’m giving you a hint!]

So roughly in five days school starts! Another hard ass four month journey learning and having fun! (Which most of the time isn’t, but hey – it’s something!) And shiver me timbers I’m excited. Really, I am. I wasn’t even sarcastic.

Semester Break to most might be the greatest escape, but to me, brothers and sisters, IT IS NOT. For almost a month I’ve been stuck home with no food supply whatsoever, and stuck on a routine of waking up, going out to eat then coming back which goes on until dinner and when sleepy time comes in. And FYI – it is TIRING. I would rather come up with proportioned measurements and build a scale model for a design project then go through this. Honestly, I would. But even though, it was a period of realization and self improvement. I’ve thought lots of things for the past month that I never would have thought about if school was still going on. And technically, semester break wasn’t really that bad.

I haven’t had any other huge momentous moment happen to me, but things are changing.

So here’s my one big question for you. What’s There To Write When There’s Nothing To Write? Alright guys! See you next post 🙂


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