He Made A Note (On Humanity)

tumblr_mqot7cGQQk1qfaioqo1_500 He sat there. Just there. Where? There. On a bench, on the sidewalk, on a chair that no one has ever seen before. But who cares? He existed, he took space.

He saw the world around him, he saw nothing. He saw trees, he saw people but they were nothing. What was this? Was this a dream? What was he?

He flipped open his notebook and made a note “There is nothing”, that is what he wrote. He looked again, harder this time. Nothing.

He frowned and a tear. Why was he here? Was there a purpose? He made a note “Nothing”

He sat there. Staring as time passed him by, generations passed and he only grew weaker. Would there be an end?

It was his final day, he felt it in him. He felt the beat of his heart falter then he made his last note “Look Closer.”

He put down his note book just right next to him and faded.

Following day another took space and read the old book. He then took a note “It is beautiful”


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