20 Facts About Me


Credits to a Friend of mine

I don’t think I’ve raised enough influence for people to even care about these but hey to think of it, it’s actually more of a “for me” kind of thing. I ended up learning a few things about myself whilst writing. Andddd It was typical for people to write a few words, so I did the complete opposite.

First of all I was tagged on Facebook by my good friend AJ (Bruhhh!) and another friend Angel. If ever they read this, god bless both of you! So Here it goes!

  • I find happiness in recluse. It’s even more confusing how I interchange this with the opposite of having a lot of people around. But since I’ve been this way most of the time, it’s where I channel most of my happiness.
  • I’m in ways a deep thinker. I often find myself digging into deeper concepts of simple ideas at any given time, but I love it.
  • I revel in seeing the potential of others. I find myself duly impressed by the numbers of possibilities people can do as particulars and universals. To see the possible outcomes of each friend and stranger is, to me, highly interesting.
  • I have a thirst for speed. In more specific terms, efficiency. Every time I learn a new thing, the first thing that comes to my mind is “How the heck do I get this done faster??” Then I go into a process of attempting to do so until finally I give up to doing some more solid research through the vast internetz.
  • I’m abstracrete. It’s not a real word, but a combination of abstract and concrete. I find myself between two of these which is sometimes a problem, either I become too real or too unreal.
  • I love designing. It could be anything, chairs, a car, etc. It’s so good because it allows me to translate all my ideas whether it has been done before or subjectively novel.
  • I love to sketch. I could have said draw but sketching is so different, it’s a natural connection between the mind and hand. It’s loose and expressive, that’s why. I’m pretty sure some of you might know what I mean
  • I’m a tester. I literally test, basically experiment with things. Try to see the outcomes of them since I’ve never tried them before.
  • I love architecture. Art to me could never be as expressive as Architecture. It’s a living art, it breathes and speaks, simply an extension of nature.
  • I’m into music. I spent awhile trying to sentence this out right without having to imply a complete endless unbiased love for music, because of two things – I don’t, 2nd I just deep inside me don’t. But I do listen to music a lot, have you ever heard of The Strokes? The Drums? And anymore bands that start with The? Haha
  • I’m passionate. I sometimes amaze myself when I am, I memorize pictures, I finish projects quick and I become an idea machine, probably the next Vitruvius. But passion is what runs me, and it works for everything. Now the sad and deadly part, when I lose it
  • I have a thing for books. I’m not a book expert and I can’t tell you my top 100 book authors and each line they wrote best, but I love books. The smell, the information, the imagery its subtle reeling touch to the author’s mind for the reader to experience
  • I have a thing for writing. Honestly, influenced by how sentences were beautifully patterned and written down, I swear words to me are like images and I just love looking at them, interacting with it and understanding them. But then you wouldn’t call me a grammar nazi or a writing nerd.
  • I’m perceptive. I try to see things in new ways and past them, I’m not THAT innovative yet but maybe that’s just what I think, for now.
  • I love COLORS. I can appreciate a bad drawing with beautifully composed colors and not an intricate near perfection line drawing with more or less crappy chosen colors. That’s just how I go (yohw!)
  • I’m complex. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Usually how I see beauty is between the complexity of things and its simple counter parts. That’s why in Architecture I don’t find complex ideas amazing but rather complex ideas designed in a simple way which I I’m trying oh so hard to achieve.
  • I’m a frequent study-er of people. I often analyze the movements and actions of people, trying to figure out why they truly did certain actions, what influenced the expression or the end thought, the composition of the bones that composed the action etc. which is kind of awkward when I accidentally stare at someone and they look and I just glance away. I am so bad. Please don’t mistake this as being a stalker. And then again, you can’t call me a physicist or a psychologist  in any way.
  • I am a doer of so many things and a master of none. I could say I’m sufficiently good at drawing, but I just try so many things that I tend to not master any one.
  • I’m a Geek. Not a nerd, a Geek. Due to my fluctuating thoughts I cannot know everything which makes me a non-nerd but I still find the smallest things interesting, but I’m a Geek because of my passion for the hobbies that I have. I know stuff about Speedcubing, Drawing and Painting, Design and other things that get me passionate. Basically, I’m a nerd for specific things and not the entire universe. To think of it, I should be none. Geeks don’t call themselves geeks, yikess!
  • Lastly, I love bringing people together. I like to take a group of people willing to participate in an activity that encourages creativity and awesome dooblidoos! And being a part of it

So that my friends are 20 facts about me. Now I nominate YOU to write your own. Just don’t forget to say that  “Ivan” told me to *winks* Goodbye!


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