Minimalism Is Honesty

According to Wikipedia Minimalism is

 “In the visual arts and music, minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements.”

Or basically style that is stripped down to what actually is or “honesty”. In lifestyle it’s all about downsizing and living with things that you really need, thinking of the things that are only important and so on. There is more to it in terms of architecture (space), music and writing (Literary Minimalism)

minimalism-quotes-6I’m not aiming to bare down facts because trust me I only know these things on surface value but in this point of my life I need change. Personally I believe that I am a born “minimalist” I was always and constantly attracted to simplicity, meaning, efficiency, organization and true expression through intelligent simple ways. And putting my life down on a piece of paper? It would show shocking images of clutter and things just going everywhere, physical clutter, mental clutter, clutter etc.

I’ve gone through some tough trials for the past 2 years since independent living pertaining emotionally, socially and physically. Experiencing these, I needed a medium for change. I kept asking why? Where was the source? Through my search I found out about minimalism. When I found out about how people lived minimalist lives I was hooked instantly.

4bf812abdb1d1d46d86814a771ef7a26Instantly hooked to the efficiency, simplistic beauty, and sophistication. It’s amazing how much clutter you can free from your life. Downsizing to things I only need is right now helping me focus on my happiness and on things that I care about. My growing capsule wardrobe literally takes my 5 minute picking of what to wear down to less than a minute. And I’m starting to save up money because I have things right on track, I don’t need to get things I don’t need anymore!

What’s funny is how simplicity is often mistaken as a sacrifice. “You can’t look good being simple”, “you can’t have a fun life being simple”, “simplicity is BORING”.

To think of it, it’s the complete opposite, they just don’t understand what simplicity is. It eliminates clutter – creates mind space to think of the important things – and physical clutter because why the hell do you keep things you don’t need!?

cp_120617_w01Done the right way simplicity would bring more meaning to life, and make spaces of living beautiful! (Just like how everything in that room is in harmony with each other.) There’s an equivalent to this, a concept by the architect Bjarke Ingels called “Hedonistic Sustainability”, non sacrificial sustainability.

I’ve started to turn into living a “simple” life because what I desire is harmony, meaning and quality. Quality over quantity and just the best of everything, even out of the smallest of things. Enough with the unnecessary complexity and clutter! It truly is beautiful to imagine a life in harmony where everything connects with each other and is there out of meaning and well thought out ideas, all because it is honest to itself.



  1. Brilliant! Every word sings as I read this post! I love how you mention minimalism is often mistaken for sacrifice. I used to attempt minimalism for the pure sake of saving money and it would feel like a sacrifice. Until I approached it from the correct perspective, the two were easily confused. But now I realise minimalism is meaningful, gratitude, abundance and freedom. I also think it’s true that some are born minimalist. When I started de-cluttering and creating my capsule wardrobe, I realised it was something I would always try to achieve but get distracted by the concept that more is better. Great post and food for thought!


    1. Thank you! And that’s very true, just a little bending of that perspective can change so many things so quickly. Ergo it all starts from within. Thanks again for the lovely comment!


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