On the top of my head #1 : Trying it out

I’m typing this and as I type I only think once and not twice. Period. It’s a really good exercise I believe to get your intuition out there and completely be yourself which is damn awesome because you literally don’t have to think too much about things. I really like this, ideas just keep flowing out of nowhere! Which is kind of the opposite when you think too hard to impress with your writing.

Sometimes I find myself in fits and tantrums between what I want to write and what should be written. Like a small dilemma between a kid’s imagination and adult cynicism. I remember once a year back when wordpress had a caption on the bottom of your draft saying “Just Write.” I really loved it but never truly did it. For one thing it keeps you fresh and on check it’s almost similar to being in a 5 star restaurant with Gordon Ramsay as the expediter, YOU CANNOT STOP. With his “taste, taste, taste!” Mantra, doing this kind of thing would be “Think, think, think!” 

Seriously I’m loving this I literally haven’t stopped typing and it’s 4:00 am and my keyboards just rattling with taps and what not, hopefully it doesn’t disturb the neighbors! Otherwise I wouldn’t really care.

I’m not sure what to call this, possibly a new rising writing challenge or maybe a sloppy overused idea? Nonetheless I’ll be doing more of this. Just writing on the top of my head.

Have a try on it, trust me it’s great fun!


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