People not Objects


I just recently lost something really important to me. I’ve never put in so much care and dedication to one thing and losing it was a huge blow. It was so weird to realize how much it actually affected me, it put me in a state of anger, hatred and negativity that it took me off guard.

Looking back I’m actually thankful that it happened. It opened my eyes to how much value I give to material things and how toxic it was. To a point out of anger I told my girlfriend it was more important than her – and that was wrong. SO WRONG. How can such a small thing make say things like that – objects are objects and people are people. They are not the same thing nor should they both have equal importance.

This experience has led me to rethink my life. To rethink how things affect how I feel and what truly matters to me. Today I let go of that, let go of the materialistic identity and transfer all the focus I had on it into things that truly matter the MOST. And that’s to my family, loved ones and people.

Deeply I am saddened. Saddened that I lost something that I worked really hard to get and experienced so many awesome events with it. But really all it was a medium to those experiences, as long as I’ve kept those everything’s fine.

So in the next time I do work for something – it’s not going to be about the value of it, but it’s the value I make with it.


We are all famous..

2013-01-31 19.09.10

View from my bedroom window

It’s an unusual afternoon today here in my room. The sky is overcast, clouds refuse the sun’s hot though brilliant rays from touching Bahraini ground. I sit here on my chair facing the laptop’s screen, thinking and carefully conjuring a plausible explanation to why we are all famous.

Alright, the definition of famous according to the dictionary :

” Adjective : Famous [ fey – mus ] – Widely known and esteemed “

Now, famous according to this generation.

” Adjective : Famous [ fey-mus ] – Very well known and pried upon. “

Well I can agree we are all not the new famous but the old famous. But we are famous to the extent that we don’t know it. If you disagree then at least agree that we are all well known.

 Why? Well try to widen your horizons. This post itself for example. Let’s look at it from they eyes of a reader ( which is you ) – You’ll suspect that it’s just another post by Ivan and read it or not. But you mentioned my name so that makes me known. And if you read it, you read my own work thus making me known. You could either think about the post all day and tell someone about it or not, but you made me known.

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That’s in the point of view of one person. Let’s jump on to other perspectives. Let’s take myself for an example – I’m thinking right now what dad is thinking about, he could think about me or other things but the thought of him was there thus making him known. What about other bloggers? Do they like my work? And other more questions that lead to me. If you really think about it, other people are thinking about you no matter it be one or two. We are all known.

Like right now, I’m thinking about a friend of mine though he/she doesn’t know it. It makes him/her known. What are the chances that I’m the only one contemplating on them? That wouldn’t be unlikely. So I guess we are all famous. It’s just that we don’t know it. At this moment someone is thinking about someone and that someone would also think about another. What if all thoughts of the earth were visible and combined. It would definitely form a similar structure to the brain and the internet.

( credits to ) #Vmob turns out to mean Vampire Mob, but you get the message.

We are all famous. So the bottom line, Whatever you do – you become known whether you do it elusively or not. Which also leads to the most  common way of making an impact ” is to change yourself ” – since yourself leads to thoughts to others, doing good and being inspired will most of the time do the same to others, same thing the other way around. If all people somehow realize this – I’m sure the world would be a better place. End.

 Thanks for reading guys! Hope you guys have a happy weekend!

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