Current : (05/17/18)

Below was a welcome page I wrote when I first made this blog years ago. I’ve finally updated this blog to current times. Enjoy your stay here.


Previous update : (10/21/12)

Hey there! It seems you’ve found your way here, Welcome!

I’m Ivan, the author of this blog. On this page you’ll find a few things to know before going elsewhere. An introductory phase before everything else. Just like an appetizer would come before the delicious entree.

If you ask, “Why Ivan’s Brain for a name?” Well first, I wanted to have a blog name that would get stuck in people’s heads, a catchy name perhaps. A name that would just pop out of nowhere and remind them of it. Somehow Ivan’s Brain, to me, has that effect. Second thing, it’s the basic inspiration of this blog, my Brain. Since I’ll be writing ideas from my mind, why not name the blog after it right?

Besides inspiring myself with my own brain, I also write book reviews. After finishing my first book I’ve become a voracious reader since and a book nerd I’ve become, formulating opinions about the smallest things a book could offer. That’s why I’m thankful for findingΒ WordPress.Β It gave me my own space, where I could share these opinions and other thoughts along.

Other than that, I’d like to welcome you again to my blog “Ivan’s Brain” and I hope you navigate around it and feed your curiosity.


  1. I’ve noticed that some of your reviews are on books that I have on my 52 books in a year resolution. Not got around to reading them yet, but am keen to see how our opinions match (or differ) after I’ve read them. Great Blog!!


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