I Want To Clear Things Up, Introverts Are Not Neurotics!

An awesome cartoon that explains what we introverts are. (Photo Credit : cdn.trendhunterstatic.com )

What’s a Neurotic? what does it mean? It’s a person suffering from neurosis. Well, what does Neurosis mean? Here’s what I saw on my dictionary : A mental or personality disturbance not attributable to any known neurological or organic dysfunction.

Now that you know what it means. Here’s what I have to tell you, introverts are not Neurotics!!

I’ve been browsing the net and seen people teasing us, introverts, as neurotic anti-social beings. Calling us losers and people who have nothing to say. I’m an introvert myself and I could proudly say, it’s not true!

Win. (Photo Credit : damnlol.com)

What are introverts really? Let’s clear that up, the same way I did with “Neurotics”. As we all know, extroverts are the outgoing social beasts. Introverts on the other hand are the entire opposite. Introverts are those who prefer to spend quality time alone either with a book or anything of their interests. Which I could say true as I do prefer being with myself than to spend the whole week with friends. Going out too much somehow drains me. But that doesn’t mean I’m anti-social! or blunt in mind.

Introverts are the hidden rainbow people of society! (Lol) We have our own galaxies and realms. We love honing our skills and opening ourselves to the possibilities. We contemplate a lot and think before we do. And some of us may be hypochondriacs (which I am), but this is what we are!

You see, as an introvert – I’m more attentive of what surrounds me and “what if?” is always the question of the day. And somehow when I do go socialize with others, I get overwhelmed by the emotions – by the what ifs, by the probable mistakes I could make. I could handle it and hold it for long but sooner or later I’d lose the energy. And I’d go back to my own den laden with everything I love, then I’d go back again (basically recharging myself).

I’m sure you may think this a little bit craven but it’s the truth! A lot of introverts already shared this fact about them and in no way does this make us anti-social or neurotics. We are not either, but we are Introverts. We enjoy the quiet life, now please – leave us alone!

I have a question. What are you? An Extrovert or Introvert? Share your thoughts!


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