What If The Internet Did Not Exist?


Life hasn’t provided anything new yet. I’m stuck to the usual day to day activities like reading, thinking and knowing whatever there is to know. I’ve been brooding about the things that could have happened in the past (or would have) and so turning my demeanor to a shade darker than the last. But even though I thought of generalizing these thoughts into one question “What if?“. What if there were no cars? What if WWII didn’t happen? What if this and that.. just the “What if” plus a random “affix”. One question that really stirred interest in me was this – “What if the internet did not exist?

Hmm it’s a pretty heavy question. And I did come up with a few predictions of what life would be without it.

I’m sure the internet is already an important part of the average person’s life. It already played(still plays) a huge one in mine. The internet helped me with my assignments, opened me up to newer information and opportunities. One example would be this blog itself! I’m sure without it, life wouldn’t be the same. (I think I’d end up being a very lonely boy with no one to tell anything to. Maybe not.)

This could happen. (Photo credit : contrarianedge.com)

But face it, life without the internet would somehow be a tad bit better. Let’s put into example the most used social site on the net, Facebook. When I was younger I remember, I’d go to my friends house just to greet him happy birthday. Some other days I’d take the extra mile just to hang out with a friend. Sometimes I’d meet a random kid around the block and be his legitimate friend. But today the internet took that away – most prefer to chat online with their Facebook accounts, some become shy with the lack of face to face contact. People are becoming the opposite of what they’re suppose to be, social creatures. (And I can say this because it happened to me and I’m glad I saved myself out of it.)

Information. Everyone needs information. It could be for a business or anything. At times like these it’s obviously important to know. To know the latest trends and happenings worldwide. And if the internet ceased to exist, we’d be as oblivious as rats would be when stepping into a trap.

Mr. George R.R. Martin (Photo credit : cdn.breitbart.com)

Speaking of information, a few days back I spent some time searching about George R.R. Martin. The author of A Game of Thrones and the rest of the A Song Of Ice and Fire series. I love books (I’m sure you already know that) and if the internet never existed, I wouldn’t know how to make my love for books a lot better. Since the internet showed me new things about books and anything pertinent, I’ve become more of a bookworm. So to generalize, if the internet did not exist – maybe we wouldn’t have had that one hobby to stick to since we never knew anything more about it. Even more on places where libraries with information are obscure or places with people who don’t share the same hobby.  So somehow, the internet made “finding” ourselves a lot easier than when it never existed.

(Photo credit : davewalkercartoons.com)

I’m sure procrastination is a big thing in the lives of people of this generation. I think the internet plays a big part in that, taking away people from the more important stuff. I mean, what other thing would be a lot more interesting than going to work or doing assignments due a week  later?. Though… to give justice to our responsibilities, the internet just made keeping it in mind a bit harder. (It sounds better that way right?)

The internet definitely lightened up the world with its endless possibilities and uses. The internet has become an important tool (but unbelievably not an essential) in making our lives better. But sometimes it could be bad for us with its numerous subtle ways of doing it. So take heed!

What do you think? What would life be if the internet didn’t exist?

Here’s a cool song to calm your senses!


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